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Hang Gliding Instruction in North Carolina

Mon, Nov 22 2021, 8:31:30 am MST

4000 tandems

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Craig Pearson «craig» writes:

We own and operate Thermal Valley Hang Gliding and operate in Lenoir NC. Our website is http://www.thermalvalley.net . We are on Facebook and Instagram and have been in business since 2011. We primarily aerotow tandem discovery flights but teach aerotowing, foot launching, and scooter towing. We have flown nearly 4000 tandems and are Wills Wing, Moyes and North Wing authorized dealers (although Wills Wing dealership status is unknown for now).





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Motor scooters

Fri, Dec 27 2002, 11:00:04 am EST

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TJ Beatty «skygrip» writes:

Here's one for your chronological retentives. (www.davissitraub.com/OZ/Ozv6n229.shtml) I think we have a World Record here for the quickest copy of a cool idea.

On Sunday the 22nd of December 2002 the first prototype copy of the Do-It-Yourself Scooter was successfully navigated up and down the driveway of The Wallaby Ranch. Test drives were available to any and all with only one minor injury recorded over the course of a couple of hours.

Many many thanks to Tish (The Scoot'in Fish) and her friends for the great idea. Hope the photos aren't to poor on the quality they shot at a low dpi. (I'd be glad to share some better and more detailed photos with interested parties).

Scooter $68.00 Weed Eater $72.00 6% Tax $8.50 Total $148.50

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Do it yourself scooter

Mon, Nov 4 2002, 7:00:02 pm GMT

scooter|Tascha "Tish the Flying Fish" McLellan

Hang glider pilots in the New Castle, NSW, Oz area seem to be way into these homebuilt scooters, having built about 10 so far.

Tish the Flying Fish built this one. The idea is buy a basic scooter ($150 AUD) and then a weed whacker ($150 AUD) and with a couple of plates and a spindle built by your neighborhood trike and hang glider manufacturer, you have a great scooter that would normally go for quite a bit more.

The weed whacker motor axel with the manufactured spindle is fitted right to the back tire. The motor is started by pushing the scooter. A twist throttle for a motorized scooter is fitted to the right handle bar.

The weekly commuter cost for Tish was $0.70 AUD.

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