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Registration Open for Florida Spring Competitions

Thu, Nov 25 2021, 9:47:52 am MST

Finally Airtribune responds

Airtribune|Paradise Airsports Nationals 2022|Stephan Mentler|Wilotree Park Nationals 2022

You can now register for the Florida competitions being run by Stephan Mentler.



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2021 Florida Nationals Series Comps

Wed, Nov 17 2021, 11:37:57 pm MST

airspace|Airtribune|Florida|food|sport|Sport Class|Stephan Mentler|tow|weather|Wilotree Park

Trying to get them published on Airtribune

Stephan Mentler ‹team@Icaro2000usa.com›> writes:

While we are working to get things going on the registration side, here are some details for both comps.

The entry fee is $375 (includes Wilotree Park Fee, $475 after March 10th). NOTE that entry fees do not include tow fees. Aerotowing fee is $375 - this includes a tow on check-in day. Some of the things that we will have:

• Daily Prizes
• Event T-shirt
• Food and beverages the night of check-in (I plan to get he same ice-cream truck for us)
• Prizes for the first three places in the Open and Sport Class
• Awards ceremony dinner
• On-line Turn point Coordinates
• On-line airspace files
• Weather Briefing on Pilots’ Phones via WhatsApp
• Task Sent to Pilots’ Phones via WhatsApp
• Wilotree Park (includes free WIFI, access to clubhouse and amenities [swimming pool, kitchen, pool table, etc.

Our cancellation policy is as follows - receive full refund minus $12 (USD) for withdrawal up to March 1st 2022. Receive 50% refund for withdrawal after March 2nd till April 1st. Refunds for withdrawals after April 1st are at the discretion of the Organizer and Wilotree Park, but not likely as we will have secured aircraft, the grounds, and other tangibles.

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British Aerotow Revival 2022 »

Tue, Nov 2 2021, 11:41:24 pm MDT

First Aerotow Competition in Five Years in the UK

aerotow|Airtribune|British Aerotow Revival 2022|competition|Steven "Steve" Blackler


7-13th May 2022

(Warm-up 4-6th May)

"Steven Blackler" «stevenblackler» writes:

This is the first aerotow competition to take place in the UK in more than half a decade. The aim is to open registration in the middle of December via Airtribune. Places will be strictly limited by the number of tugs that are available so make sure you sign up early when registration opens to save disappointment.

Anyone outside the UK probably hasn’t heard about the Fox Tug? These are amazing towing machines and we hope to have two available for the comp as well as four other tugs from around the country.

Deenthorpe airfield offers a great cost effective facility with everything we need to run a great event: camping, cafe, toilets and showers all on site. It is a former WWII US airbase so has a huge runway.

Warm up is scheduled from the 4-6th May. We will be seeking sponsorship to make this a successful event so if you want to raise your profile in the UK get in touch.

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2022 Green Swamp Sport Klassic »

Fri, Oct 15 2021, 7:05:31 pm MDT

The Airtribune web site is up

Airtribune|Green Swamp Sport Klassic 2022

Check out the great stories from the previous Green Swamp Sport Klassics. (Also, right here.)


Registration appears to be open now.

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Airtribune Updated

Tue, Jun 2 2020, 9:58:28 am MDT

Many changes to improve competition management


The Covid-19 pandemic has provided a break and time for many changes to the Airtribune competition management system. Meet organizers will be impressed with the increased power and flexibility. For example, you are now able to attach "notes" to each pilot to track whatever information that you desire.

Also the Apple version of the Airtribune App has been much improved and now works just like the Android version.


Because of the lack of competitions this year income coming into Airtribune has dropped by 95%. If you use this service perhaps you can provide a donation at the site above.

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Airtribune, a new app »

Tue, Nov 19 2019, 8:11:24 am PST

Do it all through the App

Brett Janaway, «brett», writes:

We are ploughing through a whole host of stuff on the App at the moment. So I put the idea of having the App send out a SMS message to a follower when you start your flight to the developer to consider. She will investigate Strava to see how it works and if it is feasible.

In fact, we released a new App this last the weekend, and have a few more releases due in the coming days and weeks. Yesterday we added a News section. We will announce events through this, and it will soon be linked to Notifications on the phone too.

We will also have Task tracking integrated soon. Also a list of all events, and the ability to sign up to an event from the App. Several other things under consideration too.

These are the first updates in three years to the App. It has been a huge task, just getting it updated to the latest Android libraries, as that broke most of the code. But the new developer is very good and she is really keen. Always good for developments.

The intention is to make the App genuinely useful, not just for tracking in events, which is pretty obsolete for guys like you and I, where we use Flymaster trackers.

Did you know, if you check in to your own event, you can take a photo with the App and it is immediately sent to the day Blog on the Airtribune web site. I use this feature a lot in my events. It even credits the photo to the sender. We are going to soon upgrade it so you can do it from the Gallery, too.

In the near future it will be converted to 'flutter', which means we can release one app for all platforms (Android, iOS amd Windows etc). It'll make it easy to update in future, and be a big gain for iOS users. Then very quickly after that, the app will have major upgrades. Being able to view all events, sign up to them, and even manage them in the App instead of a PC. The App will become more core in the Airtribune platform.

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Don't Use Airtribune Tracks for Scoring Purposes

September 30, 2019, 8:58:56 MDT

Don't Use Airtribune Tracks for Scoring Purposes

Brett Janaway has made this pretty clear previously

Airtribune|Brett Janaway|scoring

Brett is the owner of Airtribune. He has told scorekeepers and meet directors to not use the tracklogs found on Airtribune for scoring purposes. When we use Flymaster trackers for Live Tracking and scoring we need to get the track logs from the Flymaster Live Tracking web site. Meet directors and scorekeepers need to learn and understand how to set up their competition and scoring so that they display Live Tracking and can download scores from the Flymaster web site.

The Santa Cruz Flats was scored off Airtribune. Backups were required frequently. The track logs used for the SCFR were not as valid as they should have been.

Pilots mentioned that the tracklogs didn't seem to accurately track their goal finish times. Perhaps we now know why.

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Can't reach the Airtribune web site on AT&T

Thu, Mar 21 2019, 8:15:06 am EDT

Can you?

Airtribune|Belinda Boulter|Larry Bunner

Last August I wrote to Brett Janaway at Airtribune about this problem:

1. We both can use the Airtribune App on our phones over the AT&T network (or Wi-Fi).

2. I tried to access the Airtribune web site using the browser (Chrome) on my phone using the local Wi-Fi. I could get to the web site, no worries. I can not get to your web site using the browser on my phone if I’m not on Wi-Fi but on the AT&T network. Belinda can’t access the Airtribune web site using her browser on her phone using the AT&T network.

3. I can access the Airtribune web site on my computer connected to the internet via my phone as a Hot Spot on the AT&T network (and have never had a problem doing so).

4. Belinda on her computer can access the Airtribune web site whenever she is on Wi-Fi (and so can I) but she can not do so when she is on her computer and accesses the internet through my phone or her phone as a Hot Spot on the AT&T network.

Today Larry Bunner reported that he could not get to the Airtribune web site on his phone.

I have asked Brett about this a few times now and just recently.

Pilots are now registering for the Wilotree Cross Country and some are finding that they can’t access the Airtribune web site via AT&T, just like us.

We can Check-in with the Airtribune App, no problem. We just can't get to the Airtribune web site.

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Prepping for the 2019 Green Swamp Sport Klassic

Mon, Feb 11 2019, 8:44:46 am EST

Checking out the tracks from 2018

Eduardo Fonseca|Airtribune|Green Swamp Sport Klassic 2019|IGC

Fonseca, Eduardo «eduardo.fonseca-1

In prep for the GSSK comp I built this map views with the IGC tracks for the top 5 pilots from the 2018 GSSK edition. Airtribune tracking/map features just doesn’t work for me at all, so I built my own (more portable than Google Earth and mobile-friendly). Hopefully Live Tracking some day.


We'll have an approximation of live tracking for the GSSK.


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Airtribune updates

Fri, Dec 21 2018, 7:18:32 am EST

Working on improvements

Brett Janaway «Brett Janaway» writes:

Airtribune is now 8 years old, and by far is the biggest competition website in our sport, with just over 50% of all FAI events being hosted on our platform. In fact, we host 3 times more events than our nearest competitor. Over those years we have enjoyed a continued growth, and last year again saw a 10% increase in events, just as the previous years have seen.

2018 was a year of stabilization for Airtribune. After taking over the service from the former team in late 2017, there was a lot of aspects at breaking point and not functioning properly. To tackle this we increased the server power significantly (at an eye-watering cost) and set to work fixing some of the aging code. Our efforts were rewarded and for the second half of the year Airtribune suffered almost no downtime or ill effects.

Google maps charging for mapping data came unexpectedly and would have quadrupled our costs. Luckily some dedicated developers managed to tackle the issue and we are mostly back on track for efficient maps. There is still some small tasks to finalize, but we will look to this in the coming weeks.

In addition, for the admin staff of events, we added functionality to help them manage their events more efficiently. In particular adding far more information to their scoring files for their events.

For the non competition users of Airtribune, we managed to improve the processing of tracklogs and for 2019 we plan to launch a new App so you can track your leisure activities even better. This will continue as a free service.

So what does 2019 hold?

We will be putting more resource into improving the service for sure. We have plans to make competition management even better for organisers. Details we are keeping under wraps for the moment, but I think administrators will be pleased with our plans.

For pilots, expect new tracking solutions, and new ways of viewing competitions.

It has to be said, tracking is a cutting edge activity in any sport, and our sport is ahead of almost any other leisure sport in the world. We have already been contacted by cycling, motocross, aviation and more to use our tracking services. Exciting times that are transforming what we do, and how we do it!

Are you a programmer?

The above section leads me nicely into a search for new talent to join our team. Airtribune continues to be run with the lowest costs we can manage, but we also wish to continue our development into the future. For this we need dedicated programmers, with unique skills and a passion for working on something to benefit the sport. Could this be you?

We particularly need programmers with skills in Django/Python, Javascript and Git. In addition, Android and iOS App development. But combined with them, an understanding of events management and tracking would be great assets.

If you are skilled in some of these then we would love you to get in touch. We do have budgets for some projects (but you won't get rich). We are looking for experienced programmers, not those looking for a project to learn from. Airtribune is a serious platform, with over 32,000 registered users relying on us.

Drop us an email and lets see where it goes.

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Comparing the two trackers

May 16, 2018, 7:55:07 CDT

Comparing the two trackers

Satellite Vs. Cellular network

Airtribune|Flymaster tracker|Spot2 tracker|SpotX tracker|tracker

The spotX can provide a track point up to every 2.5 minutes (with the more expensive plan). The Flymaster tracker updates every two seconds. So for those of you watching an event or a pilot fly, live tracking is much more interesting with the Flymaster tracker.

The spotX doesn't have to worry about the reliability of the cellular network to get your current location. The Flymaster tracker needs a network (or set of cellular networks) that can reliably be connected to while high above the cellular towers if you want actual live tracking while flying.

Both can make good connections if you are on the ground (the tracker if you are in a cellular coverage area).



The spotX works in the back country away from cellular coverage areas.

The spot2 (which I have), at least, doesn't provide altitude information.

You can see the respective costs above.

See how they are doing now here: https://lt.flymaster.net/

We await another test of the Flymaster 3G trackers (and cellular network) with pilots flying cross country from Cowboy Up in Wharton, Texas: https://airtribune.com/cuhanggliding/blog and at the Flymaster site above.

And the Canadian Nationals: https://airtribune.com/2018-yamaska-open/blog and at the Flymaster site above.

The tracks from spots and the tracker can both be displayed on the Airtribune web site.

Airtribune Updates

Fri, Feb 16 2018, 8:29:40 am EST

More status categories



We have been busy behind the scenes adding new features to Airtribune, and improving some old ones too. All the following is aimed at Event Organisers. Here is a summary to date:

- We have added a facility to download an FSDB file directly from the Participants page. This will link straight in to Fscomp

- We have also incorporated into that FSDB the serial numbers of all Flymaster Live Tracker sets you may be using, so that the file can be uploaded directly into the FlyMaster Livetracking website to create groups

- Further, these groups on Flymaster will allow you to monitor for SOS messages and ReportBack (RetrieveRequests) from the pilots using the Xcguide on on Android

- We have increased the number of status messages available to you when organising the event

- In addition, we have customised the emails sent to pilots when a status message is created. Below is a summary

- Team Pilot <new> - Intended for Sponsored events

- Confirmed - Confirms the pilot is completely paid up and registered

- Wildcard <new> - This is for a completely paid up pilot that got in through bribery

- Waiting Payment - You have asked them to pay IMPORTANT: read below!

- In Progress - They have informed you they have sent payment, but you haven't seen it yet

- Qualified - They are on the waiting list for when a place is available

- Verified <new> - You have checked their info, but are not offering them a place yet

- Missing Requirements <new> - Something is wrong with their registration

- Cancelled <new> - They have asked to be removed, but you want to keep their name displayed

- Waiting List - They have just registered for the event and you have not yet looked at them

Each of these new status messages will generate an email to the pilot. They are generic messages, EXCEPT for the message 'Waiting Payment'. This generates a much fuller email, copying the text from the admin area about how to pay. So test this message on yourself to make sure you understand it, and it makes sense.

We have many more fixes and improvements coming this year. We will keep you informed as they happen!

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Airtribune, new servers »

October 2, 2017, 8:08:47 MDT

Airtribune, new servers

No longer AWS (Amazon)


Server issues have been a problem. Hopefully this will take care of those issues with more bandwidth.

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Airtribune Under New Ownership

Mon, Oct 2 2017, 8:08:05 am MDT

Moving forward



After 5 greats years development, Alex has decided to hand on the future of Airtribune. It has been a great adventure, but to give new energy and bring new life & direction to Airtribune, it is time to pass things to a new owner.

We are therefore pleased to announce the Brett Janaway has taken over ownership of Airtribune and will be leading it into the next phases of development.

Brett has long been known for his involvement in the tracking world, having worked with some great organizations to bring tracking and competitions together. With a focus on safety of pilots and the automating of scoring, his ideas have revolutionized his own events and those around him. Under the guise of FlyEvent, Brett has been renting Flymaster trackers to events worldwide for a number of years, and has over 500 units available. As well as tracking, Brett is also a director of the sport and competitions chairman in the UK, organizer of the GIN Wide Open, Naviter Open, FlyFurther XC camp and other competitions. In terms of Online websites, he already hosts a number of smaller projects, many of which he developed the code himself. But it is as a project engineer his skills are best. He is also a handy XC paraglider and Hang glider pilot, holding a few World Records to his name.

Thereafter you can expect some new facilities to come online. At the top of the list for Brett is the following, but he is open to ideas and to prioritizing, so if you have a facility you need then drop us an email.

1. Expanding the device types accepted to include the Flymaster product as a personal device not just for events

2. New export features to link into the excellent SeeYou scoring software now the official platform of the FAI with continued support for Fscomp

3. For our regular event organizers direct integration with PayPal for faster event setting up

4. To include new functions for event organizers including an easier to use status interface

5. New ways to delivery the results to pilots online and through mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

6. A new leader board to include lead out points as a task develops to see the TRUE leader.

7. Exploring the realms of Hike & Fly Paragliding

8. To upgrade the 3D viewer for an even better experience

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Is ⁢Airtribune⁣ Live Tracking ready for scoring at the Worlds? »

Sun, Apr 23 2017, 6:17:15 am MDT

Large gaps in the track logs

Is Airtribune Live Tracking ready for scoring


We are using Airtribune Live Tracking track logs are the primary means of scoring the competitions in Florida. Pilots get a 1% penalty if they don't have a valid Live Tracking track log and need to send in their flight instrument's track log as a backup.

They do not get a penalty if the fault lies in the Airtribune server or in the FS scoring software, which can't handle relaunches. They do get the penalty if it appears that the problem lies with their phone or tracker. We are not able objectively to determine if the fault lies with their phone or with how they started the App (or not).

We've also noted that there are track logs with large gaps:

From the 2017 CIVL Plenty minutes:

“Flights will be verified using either GPS track log or livetracking data. When live-tracking data is used as a primary source of scoring, pilots must be able to produce GPS track logs as a back-up.”

From the local rules for the 2017 Worlds:

“The tracklogs of the Live Tracking devices will be used as the primary source of scoring.”

“Every pilot will be responsible for using and properly carrying in flight the Live Tracking devices&hellp;”

I would suggest that they might run into the same problems that we do, although not with relaunches most likely unless pilots top land.

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Airtribune is a go for 2017

Wed, Nov 2 2016, 3:23:50 pm MDT

Elena just gave me the first news

Elena Airtribune «Elena Airtribune» writes:

As far as I understand, Alex has received some money and will not close Airtribune. The source is unknown to me. But he said that Airtribune will continue in 2017 and he asked me to start accepting 2017 events.

As I promised I informed you first.

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Airtribune to cease operations

Wed, Sep 14 2016, 8:23:02 am MDT

Not a sustainable business model

Airtribune|Krzysztof "Krys/Kris" Grzyb

Krzysztof Grzyb was trying to set up the 2017 Midwest Hang Gliding Competition when he was informed by Elena that Airtribune was going to cease operations in February 2017.

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Airtribune saving Jim's bacon

Mon, Jun 13 2016, 7:36:07 am MDT

Keeping a record of where he goes

Airtribune|Jim Rooney|PG|record

Jim Rooney «Jim Rooney» writes:

You have saved my bacon.

A while ago, I'd asked your advice on potential cell phone based GPS loggers. You sent me a list with explanations about each one's strengths.

I'd put it away for an other day, until last night. I had a FlyMaster GPS on deck for work, doing paragliding tandems here in Queenstown, New Zealand. I'd prefer Flytech, but that's a longer story.

Over here, we fly at a ski field. We have some very strict restrictions mostly involving staying 40+ meters away from the ski field and the chair lifts in particular. As you might imagine, they have no sense of humor about this. The last violation resulted in a two year ban for the pilot. Since he's a tandem pilot, that meant that he also lost his job. Unfortunately for him, he did not have a GPS tracklog at the time, so he had no way to prove his innocence.

My FlyMaster arrived and I was configuring it for work, when it died. It fully bricked. It's under warranty, so it'll get sorted, but in the mean time, I'm stuck. No GPS means no working.

My previous look at cell phone loggers yielded mixed results. I needed something reliable and accurate.

I'm happy to say that it looks like Airtribune is going to do the trick. I needed to force my phone to only use GPS data for location, but once I sorted that, it's looking very accurate. What's better is that the website reviewer shows AGL. So long as that proves accurate (enough), then we'll have a simple and clear tool for proving compliance. A nice clear indicator is something the ski field can feel good about too.


I got my first flights with Air Tribune today.

We flew from our much less sensitive site, so I haven't yet had the chance to really field test it, but holy crap, why isn't everyone flying with this?

I thought, as I'm sure many do, of this as a live tracking solution, not a regular, day to day GPS logger. This is a million times easier than any GPS track logger I've ever used.

I showed it to a mate of mine and he was initially confused. He kept asking what I did to upload the tracks and how you make it work in general, to which I just responded: "you turn it on. that's it". The answer was too simple for him to believe, so I showed him.

It is truly that simple. I had turned it on before our van arrived at the launch site just to see how it would react. I expected that it would log my arrival, setup and then the flight, but nope, it only logged the flight.

This is too blessed easy!

I also thought that you'd have to have phone data for it to work. Nope. It just doesn't live track. This is so unbelievably cool.

I'll know soon if it's accurate enough to keep me out of trouble. I've got some skips in my tracklogs from today, but I suspect that those are from placement (obscuring the GPS signals)

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Thanks to Airtribune for Live Tracking to help us find Yoko

May 14, 2016, 11:17:29 EST GMT-0400

Thanks to Airtribune for Live Tracking to help us find Yoko

Belinda could see where she grazed the top of the tree

Airtribune|Belinda Boulter|Yoko Isomoto


Yvonne and Belinda were able to get to Yoko and retrieve her glider. The Center Hill fire department was about a mile away and fortunately the landowner called 911 as Belinda did and they got to Yoko right away.

Airtribune Live Tracking makes pilots safer.

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Connect your SPOT to your Airtribune page

April 2, 2016, 1:15:29 pm EST GMT-0400

Connect your SPOT to your Airtribune page

Share your location with your SPOT and your Airtribune App


1. Go to https://airtribune.com/YOURNAME

2. Click "My Devices" tab.

3. Click Spot.

4. Copy and Paste in your Spot Shared Page URL.

5. Choose "Hang Gliding" as you activity.

6. Press "Connect Device."

After doing this your SPOT location and your Airtribune App location will show up on your track in Live Tracking.

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Airtribune app sends GPS Coordinates by SMS

Wed, Dec 2 2015, 7:28:12 am PST

They'll upgrade to degrees, minutes, decimal minutes


New version of Airtribune Android app allows to send user’s current coordinates by SMS or other smart phone messengers or e-mail. Google map link and/or text message can be added as well. You can chose one of three popular formats: UTM, Decimal degrees or Degrees, Minutes, Seconds. It is possible to send your location to any contact from phonebook or add a new phone number or email address.

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Airtribune competition App on their web site

Thu, Aug 20 2015, 8:04:05 am MDT

Just for competition now



We are happy to announce that Airtribune iOS app is available in Appstore. Link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/airtribune/id869285811. The first version is for competition live tracking only. Participants of competitions will enjoy Airtribune complete solution for events, application allows to be live tracked during the tasks, to report back and chat with retrieve and send their photos to competition day blog.

No Apple Appstore button on their web site because the iOS version is restricted to competition (which is about all we would use it for any way).

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Airtribune App is now on iPhone

Mon, Aug 3 2015, 8:53:02 pm CDT

Find it on iTunes

Airtribune|Kinsley Sykes

Thanks to Kinsley Sykes for checking each day.

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Dinosaur on Airtribune and live tracking

July 24, 2015, 7:55:04 MDT

Dinosaur on Airtribune and live tracking

Finally I got all the US meet organizers to go with Airtribune live tracking


Terry <<terryreynolds2>> writes:

Pilots desiring free live tracking (Android and iOS) please register with https://airtribune.com/dinosaur2015/info.

The pilot list and detailed information about the comp and the area are available at http://rockymountainglider.com.

All 11 motel rooms in Dinosaur ($60-65) and a house ($90) have been reserved for paid up pilots.

World and National Champions, plus some experienced pilots, new or coming back to competition are coming in Open Class (prize money: $5,000, $3000, $2000).

Pilots from brand new Hang 3’s to Hang 4’s who have not competed are coming in Sport Class (prize money from Jim Zeiset: $3000, $1500, $500). The entry fee goes up August 1 and, maybe more significantly, that is the deadline we must meet to place the order for embroidered fleece jackets - we will feel very bad only giving T-shirts to those entering late.

Pilot Kimberly Croy will be bringing her food truck and trailer so food and drinks will be available on top. 02 refills will be available. Free-flying will be available for meet volunteers.

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Airtribune soon on the iPhone

Wed, Jul 22 2015, 7:36:06 am MDT

Hopefully in time for the Big Spring Nationals

Airtribune|Elena Filonova

Elena Filonova (Airtribune) «elena» writes:

We have sent our iPhone app for Appstore approval eight days ago. Still no answer from them. They are terribly slow.

Not like Android when you send app and after three hours everyone can use it.

I do not know why they are like that.

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Cowboy Up Flying Club on Airtribune

July 22, 2015, 7:32:23 MDT

Cowboy Up Flying Club on Airtribune

Live tracking just keeps expanding

Airtribune|Cowboy Up


Cowboy Up has set up an Airtribune Event for cross country flying at Wharton. Now folks can watch the cross country Wednesday pilots all on one page. Just like in the comps. All their tracks will be featured on one page.

Tune into “Cowboy Up Flying Club” on the Airtribune.com webpage. No need to register to watch. But registration for Cowboy Up Flying Club is open to everyone and it’s free. We can even track a group of pilots wanting to go cross country outside of our cross country Wednesday Club. Friends and family can enjoy and root for their favorite pilot. Pilots can even post pictures of their Flights in real time for folks to enjoy.

Cowboy Up will send out a tweet when an is Event scheduled. But cross country Wednesday will happen on Wednesdays, so at least once a week.

To follow us on Tweeter you don't need a Twitter account – simply do the following and updates will come to your phone:

Open a new text message box Next to “ To:” type the following numbers: 40404 (that’s like the phone number) Then in the message box type: <follow>. Then hit the Send button

You should get a message back saying: you are now following cuhanggliding


Airtribune is a great way to compare and contrast everyone’s flight. If you fly with us on cross country Wednesday you will need an android phone or SPOT. Cowboy Up has purchased one extra Android phone with a plan for those who show up with an iPhone. However soon Airtribune will offer this service to iOS users in the near future. The app has been submitted to Apple and is awaiting approval.

If you have any questions give us a call.


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Follow me on Airtribune

June 11, 2015, 7:00:57 CDT

Follow me on Airtribune

You can follow anyone on Airtribune



Click Follow.

Airtribune incorporates SPOT tracker

Wed, May 13 2015, 6:41:46 pm EDT

As well as other dedicated trackers

Airtribune|Quest Air


We are glad to announce that we have implemented the use of SPOT satellite trackers for events choosing Airtribune as live tracking platform. Tracking information obtained by SPOT will be equally used for live tracking with GSM tracker or Android app forming a single track for each participant. This option will help to cover events held in discontinuous and no GSM zones. As soon as SPOT tracker sends data the pilot will be automatically relocated to new position received via satellite. And when GSM signal restores the full track of the pilot will replace “straight” SPOT track revealing the flight route in detail with all taken cylinders.

As always setup is easy both for organizers and pilots. When SPOT tracking option is turned on for an event, SPOT input field appears in registration. Participants just copy-paste their “SPOT share” link to connect device to a comp. Organizers can update and modify this data from administrative part as well, having access to a full list of “SPOT share” links of all participants.


Organizers having or renting GSM live trackers are welcome to use them with Airtribune If you plan to use your own set of GSM trackers or rent devices to live track your event, contact Airtribune to bind them to the platform.

At this moment the following models are already connected and successfully tested on real competitions: Redview GT60, Teltonika GH3000, Meitrack MT90, Meitrack GT30i.

In case your model is already connected to Airtribune it will take several hours to initialize new devices. Then you’ll get possibility to assign trackers to pilots in the administrative panel of your event. In case your model is not in the list above it may take several days to connect and test it.

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Airtribune - individual live tracking »

March 18, 2015, 9:25:42 EDT

Airtribune - individual live tracking

Not just for contests anymore




- Live tracking and track statistics. [Mobile app and Web site]

- Show your live tracking to all on web site in 2d and 3d (same engine as Doarama) https://airtribune.com/davisstraub/tracks__1495 [Web site]

- Follow everyone you want. [Mobile app and Web site]

- Search people by name. [Mobile app]

- Have private tracks that only you can see. Turn off Public (and Live tracking) switch in tracking settings in the app. You can make private tracks public at any time in the app. [Mobile app]

- Get notifications to email about the activity of people you are following (On website Check boxes in the Following (Follow) dropdown menu of any person you want to follow). [Web site]

- Comment and like tracks. Add photos to your tracks. [Mobile app and Web site]

- Upload you sponsors banners (140x200px) right column. [Web site]

- See who follows you and whom other people follow. [Mobile app and Web site]



- Share you activity to Facebook and Twitter.

There are two options:

1 - On start you can share “Watch me live!”. On finish you share your full track . [Mobile app]

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibv1g27qmcipill/Скриншот 2015-02-20 10.39.11.png?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ij5r2uqmk8ug19r/Скриншот 2015-02-20 10.39.01.png?dl=0

2 - just share your track after in one post. [Mobile app and Web site]

For sharing connect your Facebook and twitter accounts in Social accounts in the app. Or here https://airtribune.com/profile/social-accounts

For auto sharing of livetracking turn on Facebook and Twitter switch in tracking settings. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mx3zd6q64xq0qz3/Screenshot_2015-02-20-11-22-18.png?dl=0

For 1 time afterflight sharing either click on Share button inside the track (in My tracks) https://www.dropbox.com/s/cbhiyq834g6b5l4/Screenshot_2015-02-20-11-28-20.png?dl=0

or turn on Facebook and Twitter switch when you finish the track.

Running and Cycling will be possible to add to Facebook fitness. You can share them now (Facebook fitness button) but it is not yet publicly visible on Facebook as our app undergoes approval.

Search people on web site will be available soon.

Please not that a person who has not made a single track with the app (private not competition) do not have a page published yet.

As soon as the first track will be done a page appears automatically.

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Airtribune - live tracking »

August 15, 2014, 6:19:11 MDT

Airtribune - live tracking

What a great service to the hang gliding and paragliding communities

Airtribune|competition|David Glover|Elena Filonova|Facebook|PG|photo

I've been interested and involved in live tracking for competitions for fifteen years. For example, David Glover and I started out attempting to make APRS (2 meter radio tracking) work with competitions in Florida. See here: http://ozreport.com/3.19#0 and here: http://ozreport.com/3.20#1.

Currently I use a Livetracker24, http://www.livetrack24.com/store/index#trackers, a SPOT device,  http://www.findmespot.com/en/, and my Android/Samsung phone with various software solutions including Gaggle, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geeksville.gaggle and Airtribune, http://airtribune.com/.

I have tested hardware and software in the US and Australia to determine reliability in remote areas and found spotty service no matter what solution I used. Therefore I use them all to gain reliability through redundancy. My driver very much appreciates this, and I don't really have to rely on a radio any more.

I got interested in Airtribune after seeing how well it worked in Rodanillo in January 2014, http://airtribune.com/pre-world-2014. This was by far the best view of any race I had seen. The fact that it was updated every two seconds really gave you a good idea of what was going on.  I could click on just a few pilots in the lead and get rid of the additional clutter.

I contacted Airtribune about the possibility of using their free-to-us solution for live tracking the 2014 Big Spring Nationals as I saw what high quality their service was. I had followed other races (for example, the PWC in Sun Valley) and knew that there would be problems with live tracking and didn't want to pay for a service that I thought might not work that well out in west Texas.

It was great working with Elena Filonova at Airtribune as we struggled to get every pilot registered at Airtribune. Very fortunately, once pilots register the first time on Airtribune's site they don't have to fill in all their information again for each competition. They just click on the new competition that they are registering for. Airtribune requires that you use their registration system for your competitions. We didn't because we had already setup our registration system, so it was a bit of a hassle to get pilots to also register on Airtribune. But, for the most part they did.

The Airtribune app that transmits your position to the Airtribune servers only runs on Android phones, not on iPhones. Hopefully this will change in the future. This is a much better solution than dedicated trackers, as the mass produced smart phones provide much greater capabilities (the ability to store flight data points and then send them when going in and out of service, for example).

So we were limited at the 2014 Big Spring Nationals to only those pilots who had Android phones, http://airtribune.com/bigspring2014/results, which was a minority. Still fans watching the competition were excited by what they saw. They supplemented Airtribune with the SPOT-based and free to use Flytrace http://www.flytrace.com/tracker/map.aspx?group=156 when pilots were not updating on Airtribune as they went out of cell tower range. I was also transmitting on Livetracker, http://www.livetrack24.com/user/davisstraub.

After the fact Elena took the track logs from Soaring Spot, http://soaringspot.com/2014bsn/ each night, and provided Replay for each day here: http://airtribune.com/bigspring2014/results. These results are just fantastic. Pilots can go back and see how they did relative to the other pilots in the competition. (I would just add the possibility for even further increases in play back speed to 40 and 100 times.)

AirTribune also features simple blogging about the event as it is going on. Elena worked with us using FaceBook Messenger to post photos and brief comments about the task, the conditions, and the site. We felt that was a useful supplement to viewing the race itself.

So far Airtribune is the best cell tower based tracking system that we have used. It's not perfect, but it got a lot of folks watching that would not have otherwise. We promoted it heavily in Big Spring so that the folks there could see what all the fuss was about. It was one of the ways we gave back to the town.

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Airtribune .com

Thu, May 1 2014, 1:21:37 pm EDT

Conditions of Use, it's free after all


Conditions of use !

• Event's page on Airtribune is your contest's official website;

• Your contest's official and the only registration form is on your Airtribune 's page;

• Announce event's page on Airtribune as official on FAI calendar, social media and other sites.

• Publish contest's news on your Airtribune page first - repost after;

• Publish 3+ reports during each event's day:

• Morning - weather forecast, 1-3 photos;

• Day - task details and commentaries.

• Evening - results, tracks upload, photos, videos.

• Use only Airtribune live tracking;

• Publish summary article and awarding header photo, official results and winners photos.

• English language is obligatory, others on your choice.

• Alcohol and tobacco ads are prohibited.


Airtribune .com

Wed, Apr 30 2014, 8:18:17 am EDT

Looked good at the paragliding meet in Valle


Daniel Vélez Bravo «danielvelezbravo» writes:

I've been looking at some of the latest paragliding championships online while working on the office. I came upon the Airtribune web site.

It's a really cool implementation of tracking/scoring/competition website, with really great visual improvements.

They have finally opened up their site for setting up competitions. It's free and while I haven't been able to test drive it on a meet, I will try to put something up and running during our next four day local meet here on Colombia.

They also have an Android application that supports sending out tracking information using your Android phone. It has a one sec interval with buffering when you are out of cell coverage, so you can "score" your entire competition without the need to download a single track, relying entirely on the track sent by your Android phone. It looks really promising.


Keeping track of the "Sport Class" pilots

March 31, 2014, 8:19:22 EDT

Keeping track of the "Sport Class" pilots

Roland and Tony, really?

Airtribune|Sport Class