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  • +Having fun in winter(Sat 9:24pm)The park fills up with pilots as the forecast looks good

    Having fun in winter

    Sat, Jan 15 2022, 7:24:13 pm MST
    The park fills up with pilots as the forecast looks good

    Cory Barnwell|Richard "Ric" Caylor|Stephan Mentler|Thaisio Feliz|Wilotree Park|

    With rain forecast starting early in the morning on Sunday it looks like Saturday is the day. Here's the morning forecast for Saturday:

    Soaring forecast for Saturday January 15th, 2022 at Wilotree Park


    Sunny, with a high near 72. Calm wind becoming south around 5 mph in the morning.
    Hourly forecast: south southwest wind 5-6 mph, cloud cover 10%, no chance of rain.

    RAP, 1 PM:

    Surface wind: southwest 6 mph (9 mph at 2,000', 17 mph west southwest at 4,000')
    Updraft velocity: 540 fpm
    TOL: 4,400'
    Cu: 0' (I suspect that there will be cu's.)
    B/S: 6.0

    RAP, 3 PM:

    Surface wind: southwest 6 mph (8 mph at 2,000', 9 mph at 4,000')
    Updraft velocity: 620 fpm
    TOL: 5,200'
    Cu: 4,800'
    B/S: 10.0


    Quest 3 km
    BAYLK 1 km
    T50469 1km
    SAWMIL 1 km
    Quest 400 m

    There were over a dozen pilots ready to go flying, but there were no cu's forming over the field, which matched the forecast. Stephane Mentler goes out to launch as almost everyone else waits. I go right behind him. I launch at 1:45 PM with everyone else taking their own sweet time.

    There is lift, but it is weak just over 100 fpm. Climbing 500' from 1,800' I head over to a small fire to the southwest toward the first turnpoint at Bay Lake, but there is nothing coming off the fire and I have to go back to start over again at 1,400'.

    The slow climbs and low top of lift (nothing like the forecast) will prove to be the issue in the 3 km start cylinder around Wilotree Park. I will climb to 2,900' head southwest and soon get down to 1,200'. With a 5 mph southwest head wind I will lose distance toward the turnpoint as I circle up. Other pilots have joined in the fun now despite the fact that they don't see anyone getting very high.

    Cory Barnwell joins me as we climb to 3,100' and head southwest again still inside the start cylinder. The day is not looking all that great for our task set given the forecast. Finally climbing back slowly to 3,000' Cory and I head out and an hour after launching are able to make it outside the 3 km start cylinder.

    Our glide puts us down to 1,200' where we find weak sink and work it until it starts to turn positive. We're about 1.3 km from the turnpoint and being pushed back to the north. We hang on for 24 minutes climbing to 2,100' and drifting to almost 5 km from the turnpoint. It is a straight easy shot back to Wilotree Park from this location and altitude (it wasn't when we were low) but I decide to go for the turnpoint.

    There are four or five pilots stuck with me. I think Cory and Ric Caylor have headed back to Wilotree Park. I find a nice thermal 2 km from the turnpoint at 3:22 PM and then move to the side to find 400 fpm under the first cu that we've seen. I climb to 3,400'.

    Given how things have improved I decided to continue with the task, other pilots go along with that choice also.

    I nick the turnpoint and head north into the blue toward the intersection of highway 50 and 469. I find 30 fpm 5 km to the north of the turnpoint, 5.5 km south of the second turnpoint. I'm at the eastern edge of the Green Swamp.

    I see cu's to my west and head for them. Unfortunately, I don't find any lift. Thasio had just come under me when I was turning in 30 fpm up.

    I head north again going over areas that I was familiar with near Slone Ridge Road where I ride my road bike every other day.

    I see Thasio landing up ahead in a familiar field. I'm down to about 500' and to the south of the field that he lands in when I spy a couple of small lakes and they are completely covered with birds, either Sandhill Cranes or Wood Storks, huge birds. It is completely shocking to see some many large birds packed in so small an area. Like flamingos in south Florida.

    I land with Thasio and four of us and up landing in this field. What a great day.

    Discuss "Having fun in winter" at the Oz Report forum   link»   »

  • +For you Blade owners(Sat 8:20pm)When you want to tighten up something

    For you Blade owners

    Sat, Jan 15 2022, 6:20:43 pm MST
    When you want to tighten up something


    No, it doesn't have the nylon insert like the locking nut that comes with the Blade, but it does give you the ability to hand tighten the "nut."

    Discuss "For you Blade owners" at the Oz Report forum   link»   »

  • +CIVL creates their own event management system(Sat 8:36am)Like Airtribune

    CIVL creates their own event management system

    Sat, Jan 15 2022, 6:36:09 am MST
    Like Airtribune


    "CIVL Administrator" «elenfilon» writes:

    CIVL has launched a new Ranking and Competition management system

    It is necessary for the new pilots to register there to get their CIVL ID to take part in the competitions. It is also recommended that all pilots get registered there to double-check their CIVL ID.

    The Cat 2 organizers are welcome to host their events there. The publication is free of charge. And it saves time to verify participants' ranking and ID. From now on all events' results will get WPRS ranking via this server. So you can check your current rank on the page

    So, even if you are currently registered with CIVL (I am), even if you are not a "NEW" pilot if you want to be included in the list of pilots in a competition that uses this pilot registration system, you'll need to register here.

    Go here: Leave the "Email" and "Password" fields blank and instead click "Registration" to register for the first time.

    If you know your CIVL ID you can search for your existing record/profile at CIVL and it will be used for registration here. You can also search the existing CIVL registration database for your name and then use the results to register here.

    I don't have a clue as to why CIVL created their own event registration system as we already have a very well functioning system with Airtribune that has been improved over its lifetime. I guess somebody didn't like it.

    Discuss "CIVL creates their own event management system" at the Oz Report forum   link»   »

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