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for sale - equipment > towing > tow bridles 2014-04-05 08:04pm
V-Bridle line, extra long Vectran line, $20 Davis Straub
For connecting to the keel (works with the Pro tow setup). You can connect to the keel through a weak link to a line attached to the keel, or through a bicycle/cable/spinnaker release, which is attached to a line on the keel. Vectran is used because it doesn't melt when Spectra runs through the loop at the end of the line (if you release using a barrel release).

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-06-21 03:37pm
sport 3 155 new Juan
Not 1 single flight!!!
In San Diego.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > single surface 2021-06-21 02:44pm
wills wing falcon 3 195' Alex
Wills Wing Falcon 3 195' for sale. This was my first brand new glider, and has less than 50 hours. It is in good condition, including 6" inflatable rubber wheels for round base tube, all original bags for glider, battens, tips, etc.
I moved to San Francisco and left the glider stored down south so I would have a glider to fly when I visit SoCal.
Glider is stored in Sylmar, CA. I am asking USD $1,800 OBO. In case of interest, I can facilitate a showing with my contacts in the local club.

wanted - wings > hang gliders 2021-06-20 01:09pm
Falcon 2 225 Al
Looking for a great condition Falcon 2 225. Iím in SoCal but will arrange for transport and costs. Please text me call me. 949 742-2227

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-06-18 11:02am
moyes matrix race harness Mike Bomstad
Moyes Matrix Race- Original owner- 2 seasons. Perfect condition. No signs of wear. No belly Landings. No rips, no tears or stains. Zippered aerotow pockets. Drag chute pocket. Antenna sleeve on riser. Dipole antenna included.
-Shoulder: 153.7 cm / 60.5" -Chest: 99 cm / 39" (room for + 2". I'm 40.5" with room) -Hips: 96.5 cm / 38"
Spokane WA USA $2000 obo

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-06-16 05:57pm
Tandem package Luc
For sale
Complete tandem package , low hours falcon3 225 crispy sail , wheels , HE tracer harness and cocoon for passenger, quantum 550 chute ( never deployed) and other misc items also avail
Located in British Columbia Canada
4500 cdn …

for sale - wings > sailplanes 2021-06-16 02:32pm
ultralight alatus al12m motorglider Carson
2008 AL12M Ultralight motorglider with trailer. 27-1 glide, retracting prop, Cors-Air M25Y starts easy and runs great has electric start and charges the battery. In excellent condition and only has 70hrs on it. Fits pilots below 6ft. Based on the Phantom rigid wing. YouTube link below. There are only two of these in the nation! This is a very rare opportunity to own one and the price was just lowered from 24k.
Call or text Carson and I'll send you some pictures.
(509) 20nine - 765nine

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-06-14 05:06pm
wills wing talon 140 Tom J
ww talon 140. great shape. low hours. stored indoors. no damage. built 2003. original owner. $800 obo. everett, wa.

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-06-14 01:53pm
170 falcon 3 with equipment Wayne Ripley
Looking to sell my 170 Falcon 3, with cocoon harness [5'6' to 5'10'] verio, Helmut, cross bar fairings, extra click clack basebar, wheels, cross country bag and extra glider bag. Glider has about 50 hour's on it and is in good shape. asking 1850.00 will not ship. (email link above)ictures will be available

wanted - wings > hang gliders > parts 2021-06-12 09:37am
spec's for a pac air vision 17 Steve Krichten
I have a vision eclipse 17 that someone modified, I need to know the correct length of the down tubes in inches. I appreciate anyones help.

for sale - wings > paragliders 2021-06-12 01:10am
tandem ozone magnum Mike Hawkins
Ozone Magnum Tandem. Purchased new in 2010 and has less than 10hours total time.
In excellent new like condition. Recent porosity check 369. Blue/green/gray color
Always indoor storage $2,000. Located in Spokane, WA
Call Mike @ 817-680-5900

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-06-12 12:53am
WW Sport 2 Mike Hawkins
WW Sport 2 with 30 hours total time. Great condition, climate controlled storage.
Located in Spokane,WA. $2,300
Call Mike @ 817-680-5900

for sale - equipment > electronics 2021-06-08 03:26pm
yaesu vertex radio charger Larry Bunner
Yaesu Vertex Radio Base Chargers (2) in new condition. $15 OBO + shipping

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing 2021-06-08 09:11am
Hang Gliders and Many Miscellaneous Hang Gliding Items for sale !!! Paul Voight
Hang Gliders, Cameras, Varios, Chutes, Harnessís, Radios, Camera mounts, and other miscellaneous items on sale! I always have a bunch of items for saleÖ Sale Priced! There are too many items to list here individually. Inventory is always changing. Website is updated often. Visit my web siteÖ for photos & descriptions. -Paul Voight

wanted - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-06-06 10:03pm
My sail miraculously survived but I need a keel and a right upper leading edge. Scott Rauch
I crashed but the sail is mylar and perfect. I am in search of the keel for a WWSport 2.
155 and the right upper leading edge. I live in Washington state and could pick up locally.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-06-03 09:56pm
u2c 160 $3300 Matt
U2C 160, good condition, flies well. In Texas. $3300 obo

for sale - wings > motorized hang glider harnesses (see equipment > harnesses, motorized) 2021-06-01 07:42pm
Lightly used XL Mosquito powered harness w/ electric start Joe Greblo
Very nice, low hour Blue/Black Mosquito harness w/ carbon fibre prop, electric start and custom wheels. Built for someone 5'10" - 6'2"
Less than 30 total hours. Last flown 2018. email me for photos

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-05-29 06:06pm
high energy tracer pod harness Obh
High Energy Tracer Pod Harness for sale. It is in excellent condition, having been flown maybe 15 times. It should fit a pilot Between 5'-10 and 6'3, weighing between 165 and 200 lb.
The current shoulder adjustment is small. It has plenty of room to be adjusted taller but only an inch or so shorter. This harness has a Chute, hook knife, many cargo pockets, full back pocket inside and a large back pocket outside. I will Sell Harness with or without the chute, Buyer pays shipping.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-05-28 11:58am
moyes litespeed rs4 Larry
Moyes RS4 with all carbon leading edges, carbon batons, carbon stinger,
carbon cross rips or tears in the sail. flys straight at all vg settings. $1200.00 usd. send for pics. Larry

for sale - equipment > helmets 2021-05-28 11:42am
icaro full face helmet Larry
excellent condition icaro full face with visor. size large.
My measurement is 37 inches (fits perfect)..
$150.00 usd. pic available..larry

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-05-26 04:11pm
wills wing alpha 180, great condition Amanda
Wills Wing Alpha 180 glider, great condition, hardly used. Last owner took phenomenal care of it, replaced bridal wires & down tubes, & never landed it hard. Before that it was flown by Willy Dydo, of Fly Away Hang Gliding, & is the same one on the WW site. I did have 1 bumpy landing, but with the large training wheels, it didn't do any damage. Comes with large training wheels, small flying wheels, lightweight cross country bag, & the Wills Wing storage bag it came in. Spokane, Wa $1,800 USD

for sale - wings > parts 2021-05-21 10:18pm
New Down tubes for a Falcon 4-170 Robert Slebodnik
New down tubes for a WW Falcon 4-170 (F3 62) (40G-1225) Still in factory wrapper. $60.00 each. Original Cost = $85.00)

for sale - equipment > other 2021-05-21 10:14pm
weatherproof pvc bag for hg (18',8") Robert Slebodnik
brand new, never used gunnison pvc glider bag. 18', 8" $160.00 (cost 214.00)

for sale - equipment > parachutes 2021-05-21 10:09pm
lara 250 (new) Robert Slebodnik
New LARA 250 Chute with 25' bridle and paraswivel. Still in original wrapper. Manufactured in Dec. 2020. $625.00

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > single surface 2021-05-21 09:53pm
ww falcon 4-170 Robert Slebodnik
Excellent Condition. Never damaged. Includes pneumatic wheels. Some small extra parts. $3,100. Includes standard WW nylon bag, but a weatherproof new (never used) Gunnison bag (18' 8") is also available.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-05-21 01:31pm
hang glider u2 160 made in 2005 by willswing Andrey Gusev
U2 160 hang glider 2005. Low hours . Sale still crisp. I usually fly 10 times per year. $1000. Located in Mill Creek WA.

for sale - equipment 2021-05-17 08:23am
xc cover bags John Fritsche
Got 2 XC bags; selling one; take your pick----one is super light weight and packs up TINY. Made by Gunnison gliders. I used it on a US147 and Eagle 164. $45 & shipping. Other bag is heavier-duty material but still packs up very small. I used it on a Predator 142 and a US147. $55 & shipping. Zippers work smoothly.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2021-05-17 08:15am
147 ww ultrasport 147 John Fritsche
Excellent condition; less than 20 hours. Clean, no damage. The US was the predecessor to the U2 and Sport 2/3. Yes, those newer gliders are sweeter, but the US is still a very nice-handling, easy-landing, intermediate glider with respectable performance. And this like-new one will cost you THOUSANDS less than a Sport 3 or U2. Photos coming soon; it's red white and blue.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-05-12 11:46am
wills wing t-2 144 Andy
Wills Wing T-2 144 and one spare down tube for sale. I bought it brand new in 2013 with the better sail to resist UV damage and I did not leave it setting in the sun after flying it .The only damage is to the nose cone and it is cosmetic only. I replaced the bag a couple years back and the VG line and pulley system this spring. The hook in weight is between 160 and 235 pounds. $2,000.00 and for more information contact Andy at 209 5232368

for sale - wings > sailplanes 2021-05-11 05:23pm
brightstar swift pas Chris Z
This is highly custom self launching Brightstar Swift. It has tandem retractable gear, steerable nose wheel with brake, Second Chantz air rocket and chute, SC430 Konig gas engine, electric start, folding and fixed props. The engine starts and runs great, in excellent flying condition. A large wide shouldered pilot will not fit in the cage. No box or trailer. A wing box is easy to build. I brought it home with a rented box truck. Located near Austin, Texas. $18,000 or best offer.

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-05-11 07:30am
New and Used Hang gliders Dan
New and Used Alphas, Falcons, Sports, and U2s in stock. Great training facility. Central New York

wanted - equipment > harnesses 2021-05-10 10:04pm
Looking for Cloud9Morph Jim Lawrence
I'm looking for a Cloud9Morph prone/seated harness. The Australian company seems to have gone under, alas.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing 2021-05-05 07:42am
moyes gecko 155 Fred
Moyes Gecko 155 in perfect shape. Blue upper surface and white lower . 16 flights ,17 total hours. Iím unable to fly due to health issues. Located in upstate NY. 3200.00 obo. Would consider trade for newer WW Falcon.

for sale - wings > trikes > power unit only 2021-05-04 10:03am
electric drive system John McClintock
e-drive system removed from trike (less batteries and prop) $ 2900
charger, motor, motor mount, controller, contactor, fuse, emerg shut off, CA display, throttle, reduction unit, all wire and cable connections as installed so plug and re-play!
66 inch 3 blade ground adjustable prop provided 200 lbs static but minimal ground clearance $ 200
batteries not included due to expected freight issues, but they delivered 95% of rated capacity 6 months ago, 47 Ahr to auto shut-down in ground testing

for sale - wings > hang gliders > rigid wing 2021-05-02 11:35am
ATOS. Rigid wing B/C model with a tail. This glider has aprox. 24 hours of flight time on it and the sail is super crispy new. Almost brand new condition. New Gunnison weather bag, bar mitts, tools, tail and wheels. This is your chance to get into the amazing glide ratio of the Rigid world for a price less than a new flex wing. Located in Southern CA. $3,900.00. Firm

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2021-05-01 08:53pm
wills wing t2c 144 Steve Thoss
The glider is in great shape with low hours. It was bought 3 years ago from Florida. The previous owner flew glider for one year. Sail and wires were replaced last year. Aluminum control frame, carbon fibre outer leading edges. 8-inch whoosh wheels. No damage, minor wear. Glider too small for me but very fun to fly. Recommend for an advanced pilot. The glider is in Vancouver, BC area. Will ship. Asking $5000.00 US / $7000 CND. Cell: 250-819-3552

for sale - equipment > wheels 2021-04-28 10:51pm
Wheels for sale Jeffj1959
6" wheels for round base tube. whoosh style only better. excellent condition. $150

for sale - wings > parts 2021-04-27 08:41am
wills wing 154 t3 or t2c ultra light glider bag Ryan
Wills Wing 154 T3 or T2C Ultra Light Glider Bag - Black, 6 months old...has one small hole in the center (less then 2cm) from raked tips. And comes with wing tip bags. Save some space and weight by going with this. Essentially brand new - Asking $150

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2021-04-27 08:35am
High Energy Tracer Harness w/ Quantum Parachute for Sale Ryan
High Energy Harness w/ Quantum Parachute for Sale. Harness is 3 years old, chute has never been used, but was recently repacked by High Energy. The harness has lots of pockets and extras. Pilot was 6'1" and 220lbs. Harness is clean and in good shape and recently was completely looked over by High Energy when they repacked the chute. I can email pictures. Harness and Chute originally sold for over $2.2k, asking $975 for both.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2021-04-27 08:26am
wills wing 154 t3 for sale Ryan
If you're interested in a 154 T3 Team edition with ProEdge P1/P4, UVPXB05 P3 and woven bottom. The airframe has 3 flights (under 20 min)...original sail was ripped and a new sail is being manufactured by Wills Wing...if you have a color choice, you would need to let me know within a week. Wills Wing will test fly and tune new sail. Interested folks only...

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