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British Hang Gliding Competition Panel Meeting

Mon, Nov 22 2021, 8:31:56 am MST

2022 Competition Season

Andrew "Andy" Hollidge|British National Championships 2022|British Open Series 2022|Carl Wallbank|competition|Darren Brown|Dave Matthews|French Nationals 2022|Gordon Rigg|Grant Crossingham|Jon Sacre|Kev Gay|Malcolm Brown|Ollie Moffatt|Simon White|Stephen "Steve" Penfold|Steven "Steve" Blackler

Darren Brown writes:

This weekend we held the annual British Hang-gliding Competition Panel meeting. This is where decisions are made regarding the next year's competitions, team selection etc.

The panel has several official positions, which have now been filled as follows:

- Chair: Darren Brown
- Vice Chair: Kev Gay
- Secretary: Simon White
- Treasurer: Steve Penfold

The British team for the 2022 European Championships was also selected:

- Grant Crossingham
- Gordon Rigg
- Andy Hollidge
- Carl Wallbank
- Dave Matthews
- Steve Penfold


- Darren Brown
- Steve Blackler
- Malcolm Brown

Additionally we decided what competitions we intend to hold in 2022 and set dates / locations. Please note all this information is PROVISIONAL and is based upon obtaining the relevant permissions and ensuring the necessary organisation is available and in place. I am posting this in order to keep you informed but be aware some of this information (including dates) could change. The panel are now working on putting everything in place in order that we can officially finalise and publish the dates and locations.

British National Championships:

- Local Organiser: Ollie Moffatt
- Location: Laragne, France
- Dates: Sunday 7th August to Saturday 13th August 2022
- The competition is aimed at backing directly onto the French Nationals, which will be held in Aspres, France from 31st July to 6th August 2021 (2022?). This will give pilots the opportunity to enter both competitions.

British Open Series Round 1:

- Local Organiser: Kev Gay
- Location: Yorkshire Dales
- Dates: Sunday 29th May to Saturday 4th June 2022.

British Open Series Round 2:

- Local Organiser: Jon Sacre
- Location: Builth Wells, Wales
- Dates: Sunday 4th September to Saturday 10th September 2022.

As new chair, I would like to thank all the panel members for their support and efforts over this weekend and in particular to the new panel members, Gordon, Ollie and Nick, who injected new ideas and enthusiasm.

We will keep you informed of any new developments and confirm dates/locations for the competitions as soon as we are able.

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British Team for the 2018 Europeans

Thu, Nov 9 2017, 9:18:16 pm PST

Already selected

Carl Wallbank|Darren Brown|Dave Matthews|Europeans 2018|Gordon Rigg|Grant Crossingham|Ollie Chitty

The Competition Panel are pleased to announce that a team has now been selected for the 2018 European Championships in Macedonia. The current published team size is for 5 members. It is anticipated the number of team places will rise to 6.

The panel would like to congratulate the selected team, who are:
1. Grant Crossingham
2. Gordon Rigg
3. Dave Matthews
4. Carl Wallbank
5. Ollie Chitty
6. Darren Brown (1st reserve)

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Hang Glider Air Collision

March 22, 2016, 8:38:51 EST GMT-0400

Hang Glider Air Collision

Not long after takeoff?

Carl Wallbank|Facebook|video

This took place at the Aeros Winter Race.

Thanks to Carl Wallbank.

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Dream on

January 21, 2016, 11:55:15 EST

Dream on

Who believes this?

Carl Wallbank|Facebook

Thanks to Carl Wallbank, who doesn't believe it either.

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Carl goes east, long

Thu, Jun 25 2015, 5:10:27 pm MDT

Going about as far as one can, west to east

XC|Carl Wallbank|Facebook|record

330 km.

Congratulations to Carl Wallbank who set a new UK hang gliding record yesterday. He flew a stunning 330km from Merthyr Common in South Wales to Cromer on the east coast of England.

Carl’s flight took him 7.5 hours. He flew a Moyes RX3.5.

The flight was also a 255km declared goal flight – setting a new UK record for declared goal too. Carl flew over his goal and carried on to the coast.

Carl is no stranger to flying big distance – a longtime member of the British team he first set the British hang gliding record back in 2012 with a 266km north-to-south flight.

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Don't hit the baby

November 26, 2013, 7:52:10 PST

Don't hit the baby

A top landing gone bad

Carl Wallbank

Carl Wallbank <<carlwallbank>> writes:

What would you do? You're making a top landing at an official landing area. The situation changes during the ten seconds prior to this shot:

More spectators walk out onto your runway and another glider cuts in front trying to make a quick landing. All of this was not in your landing plan.

Then you spot among the couple of people right in front of you an innocent young baby and mum and dad unaware of the developing situation. What would you do?

Just like the "child in front of a bus scenario" none of us could throw ourselves in front of a bus, but put a child in front of that bus and in a heartbeat we would put ourselves in danger to protect that child. It's a perfectly normal human instinct to protect mankind. Well, that's what my mate did, and he now has the wheelchair to prove it.

Dig deep folks. Lea needs our help. And keep your precious loved ones off the landing areas.

Sponsored 100 mile cycle ride.

Please donate on PayPal at <carlwallbank>.

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Clear the LZ

June 24, 2013, 6:36:56 CDT

Clear the LZ

Windy Knoll

Carl Wallbank|Facebook|PG

Carl Wallbank <<carlwallbank>> sends:

If you free fly whether that be on a hang glider or paraglider please read this, think about it carefully and try to understand that your actions and attitude now and in the future can make a big difference to the safety of fellow free flyers and friends. I've kept quiet up until now but as most now are aware, there was an accident involving my best friend on the Long Mynd on the 26-5-13, it was not an horrific, dramatic accident, but nothing more than a hang glider nosing in, sadly resulting in very serious and life changing injuries. The BHPA are currently investigating this case and we all look forward to seeing this investigation complete.

However there are aspects that are relevant to this case that have been a problem for a long time and something that we have all either ignored or turned a blind eye too, this is not a particular site problem or a problem only in UK, this is a worldwide issue that has been getting aired around Facebook by unhappy pilots for a long time, although it's far to late and sad in my eyes, we need action now to stop something like this ever happening again, and we can all fix part of the problem easily with very little effort and at no cost.

The first subject involves all free flyers, and their friends and family who may visit the flying sites we use. I will talk about helmet and hang glider design in the coming days.

Airfield etiquette I have many friends who hang glide and paraglide, I do not like the us and them attitude, I believe we are all free flyers "we just fly different aircraft" and we all share the same zest for free flight. But below I'll have to talk about the two disciplines differently to highlight the difference in aircraft performance, requirements and attitudes.

We all gain our pilots licenses and in doing so we learn how to have good airmanship, I believe that good airmanship starts on the ground and finishes on the ground, the bit in the middle is just one part of it. The flying sites, top landings and bottom landings we use, are classed as airfields and as such have basic rules to follow, on busy days our sites are more busy than regional airports, but our control of this is purely through very good airmanship and following rules. This is were we are failing, failing to respect each others discipline and failing to follow site rules.

As all airfields have different performing aircraft coming in and out all day, the airfield is always ready to accept the highest performing aircraft, with the exception of when the airfield is in use by any another aircraft landing or taking off in which they then have full control of the airfield. Our sites are no different than this. From a hang gliders point of view, they have a high speed range, and they can ground effect for a very long way. They act and fly more like a conventional aircraft or glider, they are also big, bulky, heavy, and hard to handle and carry. A paraglider has a small speed range and does not ground effect due to design, they are lightweight, very controllable and easy to carry.

The common reality observed, are all the hang gliders are rigged together out the way on the take off on top of the hill, or huddled together to the side in the top or bottom landing field, on my experience when a hang glider sits in the middle of the field, this maybe due to inexperience or through a bad landing and maybe a damaged A-frame, his fellow hang glider's shout at him to move to the side or go and assist him to carry his damaged wing to the side, the hang glider's do this because either they have been trained to do this, or they have very good airmanship, or their peer's do it so they copy, or just maybe they don't want anyone else landing on their very expensive wings.

If you go to a high level hang glider competition, the goal field can be a very busy place, these elite pilots who are focusing on the competition maybe more than safety, still, immediately upon landing, look around for others and quickly move to the side and all huddle together out the way to allow the most available space to land for others. I call all of this very good airmanship that is in bread in to all hang glider pilots from around the world. Yes some still make mistakes, but others nearby are accountable enough to help them and correct them.

The paragliding world is not the same as above, they do not need the clear "runway", there wings when parked are not tall and bulky and thus don't pose an obvious problem to others, they land slow enough that they all can land next to or on top of each other, therefore they initially don't appear to be a hazard or problem to others. In high level PG competition the goal fields also are very busy places, however, their appears no consideration for others and these elite pilots just land and don't really move, and in all honesty they don't really need to due to design.

Obviously you can see from the two paragraphs above that our sports are different and we require different requirements to safely perform our sport. This is exactly the problem we have, while each discipline maybe acting safely with regards to its own discipline it is not respecting the others discipline. Apart from high level competitions were sites are closed to others, everywhere we fly is a hang glider and paraglider site and as such, our actions on the airfield must respect all users that can use the airfield, "whether they are present or not."

This is not major change, this is just re-aligning our attitude towards safety for all disciplines.

1) Once landed, look around for others and move to the side quickly, and move "all the way" to the fence, wall, trees.

2) When someone is landing, that is their airfield, respect them, do not walk across their airfield or do anything that may allow them to lose or change focus.

3) Don't assume everyone is a sky god like you! If you don't know the pilot you may be landing next too, do not cut him up or push him over a bit, he may be test flying or be very new in the sport, if you don't know his ability. Then you give him room.

4) If your friends or family are on the airfield, teach them what to look for, you don't allow your children to play of the railway track, the landing field is exactly the same.

Whether this attitude is not taught correctly in flying school, or does not follow down the ladder from our sports disciplines peer's, or gets lost over time as we only focus on our own sports safety procedures, or because so few hang gliders are seen on the airfield nowadays I'm not sure? All I do know is we all share the same sites and thus have to adhere to the rules to protect the safety of all users of that airfield. I actually enjoy the paragliding world and have thought of taking it up on many occasions, and nowadays I get my fuel to perform better in my own discipline from the paragliding world as the paragliding world is active, enthusiastic, competitive and there is a lot of very hard working and driven individuals which excites me and keeps me focused.

I do not want to see a split in our sports but I do want to see a mutual respect for each others disciplines, which is something I don't believe the hang gliding world gets from the paragliding world at present. I look forward to future flying with you all and we can discuss this as much as is necessary from a safe area on our flying sites.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: “The 31 year old man had reportedly been hang gliding when he crashed on landing. Crews assessed the man and found he had sustained serious neck and back injuries. He was given pain relief to help stabilize his condition before crews worked carefully to immobilize his neck and back with the use of a neck collar, spinal board and pelvic splint.

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pre-Worlds - update

Sun, Jan 3 2010, 8:49:03 am AEDT

150 out of 250

Alessandro "Alex" Ploner|Corinna Schwiegershausen|Jon "Jonny" Durand jnr|Pre-Worlds 2011|World Pilot Ranking Scheme

The preliminary pilot list has been updated with the latest WPRS rankings. You'll find it here: Click Pilot Info, then Pilots List. If your name is on the list you have until January 17th to pay your entry fees in order to hold your place on the list.

As of Sunday night there are 150 pilots listed: 145 male, 5 female. Gliders: 58 Moyes, 38 Aeros, 23 Wills Wing, 21 Icaro, 5 Airborne, 3 Laminar, 1 Aeros, 1 unspecified.

  • ARG: Marcelo Chaves
  • AUS: Jonny Durand, Steve Blenkinsop, Cameron Tunbridge, Rod Flockhart, Bruce Wynne, Trent Brown, Neil Petersen, Tony Lowrey, Richard Heffer
  • AUT: Manfred Ruhmer, Thomas Weissenberger, Robert Reisinger, Michael Friesenbichler, Manfred Trimmel, Wolfgang Siess, Günther Tschurnig, Christl Elmar, Christian Tiefenbacher
  • BEL: Michel Bodart
  • BRA: Michel Louzada, Alvaro Sandoli (Nene Rotor), Jose Lessa, Konrad Heilmann, Eduardo Oliveira, Alexandre Trivelato
  • CAN: Brett Hazlett
  • COL: Mike Glennon, Eitan Koren
  • CZE: Radek Bares
  • DEN: Nils Dalby, Bo Klint, Johnny Christiansen, Jens Henrik Badsberg
  • ECU: Raul Guerra, Rafael Arcos
  • ESP: Blay Jr Olmos Quesada, Pedro Garcia Morelli, Daniel Martin Mota, Jose Antonio Abollado, Lucio Nelli
  • FRA: Mario Alonzi, Gianpietro Zin, Luis Rizo-Salom, Antoine Boisselier, Laurent Thevenot, Eric Mathurin, Eric Wyss, Fabien Agenes
  • GBR: Carl Wallbank, Gordon Rigg, Bruce Kavanagh, David Shields, Richard Lovelace, Dave Matthews, Anthony Stephens, Gary Wirdnam, Graham Phipps, Nigel Bray
  • GER: Gerd Doenhuber, Lukas Bader, Corinna Schwiegershausen, Tim Grabowski, André Djamarani, Markus Ebenfeld, Roland Wöhrle, Stefan Boller, Christian Zehetmair, Joerg Bajewski, Hans Kiefinger, Konrad Schwab, Monique Werner
  • GUA: Giovanni Vitola, Jose Herrarte, Dieter Meyer, Rolando Mansilla, Mario Leon
  • HUN: Attila Bertok, Endre Kovács, Attila Kis, Zsolt Balogh
  • IRL: Shaun O'Neill, Geoffrey McMahon, Philip Lardner, Justin Beplate, Kenneth Hickey
  • ISR: Amir Shalom, Ron Wiener, Yaron Levin
  • ITA: Alex Ploner, Christian Ciech, Elio Cataldi, Davide Guiducci, Tullio Gervasoni, Anton Moroder, Arturo Dal Mas, Filippo Oppici, Paolo Rosichetti, Fabrizio Giustranti, Sergio Bernardi, Suan Selenati, Edoardo Giudiceandrea, Vanni Accattoli
  • JPN: Koji Daimon, Hiroshi Suzuki, Takahiro Matsumura, Shogo Ota, Keita Kokaji
  • LTU: Justinas Pleikys
  • NED: Mart Bosman, Martin Van Helden, André Disselhorst, Joost Eertman, Erik Van Keulen
  • NOR: Vegar Hansen, Petter Peikli
  • POL: Dariusz Perenc, Sebastian Olifiruk
  • RUS: Vladimir Leuskov, Artur Dzamikhov, Anton Struganov, Natalia Petrova, Julia Kucherenko, Maxim Usachev, Oleg Andreev
  • SLO: Primoz Gricar, Stanislav Galovec, Iztok Jarc
  • SUI: Roberto Nichele, Christian Voiblet, Francis Gafner, Chrigel Kuepfer, Carole Tobler, Beat Howald
  • SWE: Hakan Andersson, Joakim Hindemith
  • TUR: Tugrul Yilmaz, Halil Caner Atilgan, Kamil Demirkan
  • UKR: Dmitriy Rusov, Pavel Yakimchuk, Sergey Semenov, Dmytro Teteretnyk
  • USA: Zac Majors, Dustin Martin, Jeff O'Brien, Davis Straub, Jeff Shapiro, Derreck Turner, Ben Dunn