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Short Hang Gliding Videos

These videos are short, up to a minute in length. They are meant to give the viewer a feeling for the fun of hang gliding.

SWF format: Small, 360x240 pixel videos in the Flash 6 format. Click the picture (or the "SWF" link) to play the video. To save the video so that you can replay it, first click the picture then, wait a second, right click the text below the picture, click "Save Target As." Then click the Save button. You'll need to download the Flash 6 player to play the video stand-alone (outside your browser) on your computer.

WMV format: High resolution (5 to 10 times larger in file size and four times bigger is screen size) versions of these videos in Windows Media Video format (#9 only). To play a video in Microsoft Media Player (version 9 only - see one exception below) click the "WMV" link. Version 9 is not yet available on the Apple Mac computer (nor any Windows operating system before Windows 98 second edition). To save the video to your computer right click on the appropriate "WMV" link, click Save Target As, click Save.

Adam takes the glider for a loop
(other formats: Youtube)

With a camera at the nose we catch Adam upside down and all around.
Controlling the glider close to the ground
(other formats: Youtube)

It's easy to play with the glider next to the dune.
This time jumping works
(other formats: Youtube)

Running and jumping into the wind from the beach and getting up on the wall behind you.
Running on the beach
(other formats: Youtube)

Running down the beach and letting the wind pick you up.
A Running Start at Bondi Beach
(other formats: Youtube)

Standing back a little ways from the edge of the tiny wall, our pilot runs into the air.
Jumping up off the wall at Bondi Beach
(other formats: Youtube)

With the wind coming in it is easy to jump up and stay up.
At Bondi Beach playing with the wall
(other formats: Youtube)

Bondi Beach is in the heart of Sydney, Australia and our intrepid pilot is being held up by the winds and a short concrete wall.
Buzzing Dixon Park
(other formats: Youtube)

Diving at the launch and then just skimming over it.
Smooth landing at Dixon Park
(other formats: Youtube)

As seen from the pilot's point of view diving at the launch and then landing on it.
A Quick Landing at Dixon Park
(other formats: Youtube)

Diving at the launch and then landing on it.
A pilot skims along the dune
(other formats: Youtube)

A pilot skims over a four foot high ridge of sand as another launches behind him.
Kangaroo running
(other formats: Youtube)

Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, boing, whack!
Everyone gets into the loop act
(other formats: Youtube)

Two looks at gliders and pilots twisting and turning.
We can't stop Adam from looping
(other formats: Youtube)

With the camera out on his wing, Adam twirls the glider.
Learning to fly at the dune
(other formats: Youtube)

A new pilot learns to fly on the dunes.
(other formats: Youtube)

Botched aerotow launch and a really bad "landing".
Flying low right on the beach
(other formats: Youtube)

The glider is flown right next to the flat beach and then a perfect landing.
Starting on the beach using the wind to get you up
(other formats: Youtube)

starting lying down on the beach.
Three friends pull a pilot into the air
(other formats: Youtube)

Using a rope and three friends our pilots gets a little air time.
Coming in fast and playing with the ground
(other formats: Youtube)

A pilot pulls in and gets his glider really low to the ground to have some fun.
Dune Goon
(other formats: Youtube)

Playing with the wind at the beach.
Skimming on top of a pond
(other formats: Youtube)

A pilot comes into land at Stanwell Park and skimms across the top of a pond at the edge of the landing zone.

Tim Travers' hang gliding stunts

These videos are taken from film shot in the seventies of a famous Australian trick hang glider pilot.

Tim Travers flies very close to hill 60
(other formats: Youtube)

Tim Travers gets very close and turns the gliders at the last moment.
Tim lies down, shakes the bar, and then gets off the hill
(other formats: Youtube)

Tim Travers lies down and then by moving the control bar gets off the hill.
Tim flys hanging onto the cross bar with his toes
(other formats: Youtube)

I wonder if there is anyone else who has tried this.
Tim lands where only birds are willing to go
(other formats: Youtube)

There is a radio tower involved.
Tim skims past the launch at hill 60
(other formats: Youtube)

Are you willing and skilled enough to try this?

These video snippets are taken by permission from Bruce Wynn's "Dune Goon" and Mick Hurley's "Crank 'n Bank." The copyrights belong to them.

The Tim Travers snippets were taken from the Leading Edge video. I am trying to track down who owns the copyright to that.

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