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  • +More tanglesAlways good for video (Wed 8:33am)

    More tangles

    Wed, May 27 2015, 8:33:40 am EST

    More tangles

    Always good for video

    The video here.

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  • +The 2015 Big Spring NationalsOn June 7th the entry fee rises (Wed 8:28am)

    The 2015 Big Spring Nationals

    Wed, May 27 2015, 8:28:44 am

    The 2015 Big Spring Nationals

    On June 7th the entry fee rises 32+13+5.93+N,+101+31+32.42+W,Big+Spring,+Texas,+USA(Big Spring, Texas, USA)

    Be sure to complete all three steps.

    We have reduced the entry fee for those pilots who sign up early, fill out their waivers and pay the entry fee.  It will drop back to the "regular" entry fee on the 7th.  It rises further as we get closer to the start date as we require plenty of notice before we ship Dragonflies from Florida.  Two Dragonflies will come from Texas, which is a nice new feature for Big Spring.

    Check out who has committed to coming at the URL above.

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  • +Taking risksAnd managing them (Wed 8:27am)

    Taking risks

    Wed, May 27 2015, 8:27:53 am EST

    Taking risks

    And managing them

    On the contrary, Brymer said his work has suggested that many extreme athletes are the opposite of impulsive; not only are they careful and thoughtful planners, but they actually avoid thrill-seekers “like the plague,” he said.

    But when he conducted research specifically on experienced extreme-sports enthusiasts, he found little evidence that participants are reckless, or have some kind of Freudian death wish.  Instead, Brymer has found that “older” extreme athletes — as in, those who are past their mid-20s — exercise deep care in equal proportion to the high risk involved.  “A lot of these people are highly intelligent people, methodological and systematical,” Brymer said.  Those he’s interviewed don’t take one spontaneous trip to REI and then sail off a cliff; rather, they spend years studying the environment and the mechanics of, for example, parachutes, before taking any action, “in order to make it as safe as it possibly can be.”

    If the approach is more thoughtful for these athletes than the rest of us might suspect, so are the motivations that drive them to extreme sports in the first place.  They’re not just seeking an adrenaline rush, he said: rather, what keeps many of them coming back is something akin to the flow-like state achieved through mindful meditation, one in which “you’re so in the moment that everything else drops away,” Brymer said.  “You’re focused on the here and now.”

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In the latest issue: (19.105, Wednesday, May 27, 2015)

  • +Moyes Gecko

    Moyes Gecko

    Tue, May 26 2015, 8:20:55 am EST

    Moyes Gecko

    Sport Class

    We are pleased to announce the release of the new “Sports Class” wing the GECKO.

    The GECKO is designed for the upcoming and experienced recreational pilot.  Originally designed to bridge the gap between the Malibu and the Litesport Class, the glider exceeds expectations, in handling just as much as in glide performance.

    Discuss "Moyes Gecko" at the Oz Report forum   link»

  • +Dinosaur 2015

    Dinosaur 2015

    Tue, May 26 2015, 8:27:04 am EST

    Dinosaur 2015

    Entry fee rises soon

    Terry <<terryreynolds2>> writes:

    Reminder, the entry fee for Dinosaur 2015 goes up June 1.  Please see for more information and to register.  Contact us at <rockymountainglider> with any questions, to volunteer, etc.

    Discuss "Dinosaur 2015" at the Oz Report forum   link»

  • +Hawk Attack

    Hawk Attack

    Tue, May 26 2015, 8:31:01 am EST

    Hawk Attack

    Not happy with a hang glider

    Don Burns <<burns.don>> writes:

    The males are aggressive this year.  See: at 2:22 the hawk hits the wire on my right wing.  At 2:45 he screeches at me, then again at 2:58.  At 6:00 the female joins us as and flies passively in front of me as if to let me know I had won the bout and she was very impressed.  The male will have nothing of it and starts a continuous barrage of dives at what he must think is my head.

    Video was taken from two short flights.  One 15 minutes long with the camera on the side wing and the second 26 minutes long with the camera on the tail.  That's a lot of dives for that short amount of time

    Bill Comstock <<flyrigid>> writes:

    Discuss "Hawk Attack" at the Oz Report forum   link»

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