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for sale - equipment > electronics > radios 2014-04-05 08:10pm
2m Antenna $20 Davis Straub
With molded BNC connectors (the only kind worth anything in hang gliding harnesses). Five foot long total. 19" of unshielded center cable (for 144-148 meters) which you attach to your harness mains. This gets your signal out unlike that little rubber ducky and is easy to install

for sale - equipment > towing > tow bridles 2014-04-05 08:04pm
V-Bridle line, extra long Vectran line, $20 Davis Straub
For connecting to the keel (works with the Pro tow setup). You can connect to the keel through a weak link to a line attached to the keel, or through a bicycle/cable/spinnaker release, which is attached to a line on the keel. Vectran is used because it doesn't melt when Spectra runs through the loop at the end of the line (if you release using a barrel release).

for sale - equipment > towing > tow bridles 2014-04-05 08:00pm
Bridle, Spectra for Pro tow, $15 Davis Straub

for sale - equipment > towing > tow bridles 2014-04-05 07:58pm
Pro tow Mini Barrel Release and Bridle, $40 Davis Straub
If you want two mini barrel releases (one on each side), order two of these (you'll have an extra bridle). Bridle is 750 pound Spectra.

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2020-02-14 04:51pm
Z5 Harenss Tom
Z5 Harness: $350, 2000, hardly used, additional camel-back pocket along spine, with drogue chute.
In Oceanside, California

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2020-02-13 10:56am
Hang Gliders and Many Miscellaneous Hang Gliding Items for sale !!! Paul Voight
Hang Gliders, Harness's, Varios, Cameras, Reserves, Radios, Camera mounts, and other miscellaneous items for sale!!
I have a bunch of items for sale… too many to list here individually.
Inventory is always changing. Website is updated regularly.
Visit my web site… for photos & descriptions. -Paul Voight

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2020-02-12 08:38pm
2017 North Wing 190 Freedom with many full race options Loren
2017 North Wing 190 Freedom with many full race options. Crispy sail, excellent condition. So. Cal. area. $2500.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2020-02-10 02:03am
wills wing t2-144 Scott
WW T2-144 in excellent/pristine condition. Window sail with blue border/white LE, raked-tips. Always covered/stored indoors with a/c (NO UV/mold/mildew/corrosion). Meticulously cared for, NO smudges/scratches/scrapes, perfectly tuned. Located in Central Florida. $2,250. I highly doubt you will find one this nice.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2020-02-09 01:27pm
moyes gecko 170 Rick Williams
For Sale , Like New Moyes Gecko 170... glider is fully optioned with PX Leading Edge , Technora Mainsail , Asymmetric Sail , Zoom Frame with Black Aluminum Speed Bar , Carbon Dive Struts...Like New glider has 4 total flights and 8 hours. Suggested Retail of 7325.00....
Asking 4900.00 plus shipping. Glider is located in Spokane , Wash.
For more info call Rick @ 509-294-1258

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2020-02-09 01:14pm
moyes litespeed5s Rick Williams
For Sale , Moyes Litespeed5s...Standard Frame , Carbon outers , all Dacron Sail with less than 200 total hours. Glider is in exceptional condition.
All for 1200.00 , currently don't have a box for shipping. Glider located in Spokane , Washington.
Call Rick @ 509-294-1258

wanted - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2020-02-08 03:54pm
Wanted T2C 154 in good condition Vincent
I'm a 200# pilot in search of first topless glider. WW is easier to get parts for (and cheaper in the US), so they are top of the list. The bigger gliders are harder to find it seems. If anyone knows anyone who is getting out or such, that would be awesome!

for sale - wings > hang gliders > rigid wing 2020-02-08 11:35am
AtosVX. Robert Roth
AtosVX tandem wing located in Florida
I have flown it solo .
wt range to 500#
In flyable condition could be used with trike…

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2020-02-08 10:55am
rx 3.5 , $3500.00 Phill
RX 3.5 $3500.00 flys great. I can bring this glider to the Florida comps if that works better for the buyer. 818-590-2773

for sale - wings > trikes > complete 2020-02-06 12:15pm
north wing atf trike with stratus xp wing, bailey 4 stroke engine and brs system Heiri Hafner
Like new, very reliable, less than 10 hours! Great light trike (Part 103) with 3 gls tank and bags on the side, Stratus XP 16 wing with 170sf and VG, color red-black-blue with white on top, Bailey V4-200 four stroke engine with electric starter, BRS 6-600 rocket system, all manuals, and trailer for everything. New price was close to $20k, now almost new only $7,900! reason for sale I have to give up flying due to health issues. Located in Austin TX, needs to be picked up, trailer included.

for sale - equipment > electronics 2020-02-06 11:48am
Flytec 6015 Heiri Hafner
Intermediate flight computer, great condition, $250 OBO, cash only, in Austin, pictures in URL

for sale - equipment > electronics 2020-02-03 09:20pm
garmin gpsmap 76csx - $40 (san mateo, ca) Chris Valley
Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx
Includes: Original box and carry case, owner's manual, wrist strap, USB interface cable.

for sale - wings 2020-02-03 03:25am
Atos meant for smaller pilots Dennis
I have an Atos that my neighbor flew. He has passed on. I don't know the exact model. It is meant for smaller pilots. It needs cover and transport bag. It may need some minor repair. I have the harness he used and a carbon aerodynamic lower bar.
It can be examined near Quest and Walloby.
THe price will be right.
863 397 2747

for sale - equipment > parachutes 2020-01-31 07:38pm
hes quantum qs440 parachute: $350 Wayne Michelsen
For hang-gliding (not PG?), with longer bridle and para-swivel.
Fresh and complete inspection and repack by High Energy Sports.
The D-Bag in the link/pictures is from my Rotor harness. I have a standard D-Bag with handle, also.
I had to down-size to a smaller parachute for my competition harness.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2020-01-31 07:34pm
Pacific Airwave Pulse 10m: $2500 Wayne Michelsen
As far as I know, it has only 6 flights, including factory test flight by Lee Gardner Oct-1992. I also had the poor quality "cellophane" leading edge material replaced with Dacron.
I've finally accepted that I just never actually fly it.
I have close-up photos of component details, some of which are at the link below.
Wayne Michelsen USHPA 72939

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2020-01-31 07:29pm
pacific airwave markiv 17: $2100 Wayne Michelsen
Pacific Airwave MarkIV 17: $2100
As far as I can tell, the only flight on this wing is the factory test flight by legendary Aaron Swepston back in December 1988
Otherwise, it appears to be fresh off factory delivery, caught up in a time-warp.
I have close-up photos of component details, some of which are at the link below.…

for sale - wings > hang gliders > rigid wing 2020-01-28 04:24pm
Atos-C for sale. Bruce
Atos-C in excellent condition, tail included. Yellow stripe. In Southern California at Crestline. $6500. 951-203-6346

for sale - equipment > harnesses, motorized 2020-01-28 10:10am
mosquito nrg Tom
FOR SALE: Mosquito NRG, $3600, 2010, 70 hours, for 6’ person, I am 5-10” and fly with a 2” insert, dual start, Carbon Fiber folding prop, extra wooden prop, internal 1.7 gal tank, optional 1 gallon auxiliary tank, .4 gallon of fuel left warning light, adjustable head support, internal pocket for a camel-back, Tiny-Tach, head temperature gauge, newer start battery, spare skid tube & skid protectors, extra cooling fins on engine head, more.
Getting old SUCKS! I just can’t run fast enough. . .

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing 2020-01-27 10:06am
ww u2c 145 -full mylar uvpx top & bottom mfg 7/22/16 Rich Diamond
ww u2c 145 , excellent cond. , 25 hrs , mfg 7/22/2016 full mylar uvpx top & bottom , new marked vg cord , color - brtyel w/ custom red tips , **featured on ww webpage -click on u2c options ! located sugar land , tx 77478 ( just outside of houston) - asking $ 5,000. also am on fbk !
only serious inquiries for this awesome ww u2c - call / text rich diamond 713-907 7826

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2020-01-23 03:30pm
sport 2 135 Jade
New sport 2 135. Less than 2 hours. Purchased new and move where there are no sites. Streamline wheels included. Yellow and blue. Free delivery anywhere in the northeast 3500 of best offer

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2020-01-23 12:53pm
Moyes Rx 3.5, Technora, Carbon basetube, outers, and battens. $2995 or best offer. Stephan
Moyes Rx 3.5 for sale. This is Mike Bilyk’s (A Top U.S. Competitor) old comp glider – it has been sitting in storage for a couple of years. Technora sail, carbon outer leading edges, carbon base tube, and carbon battens. About 4 comps on the sail and few more on the frame. This is the 2015 sail cut. The glider is at Wilotree Park / Paradise Airsports – home of the upcoming World Championships. Photos at the link below.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2020-01-22 11:32pm
wills wing u2 160 Charlie
U2 160 FOR SALE. 25 hours, 50 flights. It has a complete set of new lower wires and has WW wheels. Colors are purple, orange and white. It is in very good condition. Located in Bend OR. $1800.

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2020-01-22 12:57pm
Woody Valley Tenax 4 Excellent Condition Cuhg
Excellent condition Woody Valley Tenax 4, Size 4L (Woody Valley measurement); pilot 5'9, 175lbs; should fit anyone close to this size. Photos available. $1,500.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2020-01-22 12:42pm
144 t2c full carbon Cuhg
144 T2C FULL CARBON - Excellent Condition, low hours less than 25 hours. Full Carbon leading edges, light handling. Great flying glider. Photos available. A steal at $5500.

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2020-01-21 11:34pm
icaro 2000 mastr, comp a frame, extended tips - great glider - great deal Stephan
Own a 2014 Icaro MastR Large for $2995. The glider has the comp A-frame, carbon base tube, half technora / half Dacron sail, and extended wing tips. Its at Paradise Airsports, home of the upcoming Worlds, in FL. It has spent a lot of time in storage - there are approximately 50 hours on the sail and frame. Link with spec details and photos for glider is provided below. Competing in the Sport Class Worlds, your glider is here.

wanted - services 2020-01-21 02:33pm
Looking for a hang glider pilot that can weld a Hang Glider rack to a Chevy Suburban Andy Beem
Looking for a hang glider pilot that can fabricate "weld" a aluminum rack for a 2011 Chevy Suburban. I am located in Los Angeles,CA near Kagel Mountain.

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2020-01-20 06:51pm
New and used hang gliders Dan
New and used Alphas, Falcons, U2s, and Sports, in stock. Great training facility located in central NY.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > kingposted 2020-01-16 09:57pm
Sting II 175 Excellent Condition, Priced to move John Kern
Located in Lookout Mountain, Ga (close to flight park)
"The perfect beginner/ intermediate, all rounder"
Contact for pictures or schedule an inspection

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2020-01-14 09:59am
litespeed s4 Carl Burick
LS4 in good condition for sale. Also included:2 extra downtubes,2 extra carbon tip wands,XC glider bag, All weather glider bag, (both are Gunnison Gbags)Original owners manual and batten pattern template.Also cold weather bar mits.Glider is in Chattanooga area for inspection and test flight.Text 423-364-5604.$1,000 USD

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2020-01-13 01:14pm
cg1000 harness - like new Joe Efferson
CG1000 Harness for sale, located at Wilotree Park in Groveland, FL
Only used about 10 times
Harness is set up for someone 6' tall - plus or minus 3 inches
Chest size is up to 41"…

for sale - equipment > towing > aerotow systems 2020-01-13 09:58am
dragonfly for sale Joe
Used dragonfly. Great condition. Rotax 912, 115h with turbo. Ballistic chute. Front and back controls. Used to tow many seasons. Buyer must pick up. Call or email for more information. $65,000.00

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2020-01-13 08:57am
wills wing 144 t2 for sale Rsoares
Wills Wing 144 T2 - In California, well cared for, very clean glider. Will help with delivery, great flying glider...this last fall got 110 miles and 8 hour flight on it in the Owens...Can't be the performance. $2299

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2020-01-10 03:09pm
Woody Valley Tenax 3 harness for sale Kurt Wimberg
Tenax 3 harness for sale. XL I am 6'1", it will fit my size or taller.
Excellent condition. $700

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2020-01-04 12:20pm
Moyes Litespeed RX3 Pro Swoosh finely tuned Sasha
I'm coming to Florida in spring this year and will be flying my RX3 there, which will be for sale after the competitions in April. It is a 1.5 years old glider with about 50 flights, crash free and very well tuned, all carbon options except keel. Would dare to say one won't find a nicer RX3 on the market since I have a serious experience in test flying and setting up this small model.
PM me for the price&details. The glider will be available for a test flight in February/March at Groveland, FL

for sale - wings > motorized hang glider harnesses (see equipment > harnesses, motorized) 2020-01-04 11:38am
mosquito harness Bill
mosquito harness $750.00 internal fuel tank, wooden prop could be delivered to florida in april

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing > topless 2020-01-04 11:31am
RX 3.5 Bill
RX 3.5 $3,000 about 250 hours. Flys great, located in SC could be delivered to florida for comps.9o9 44o for for 5 for

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2019-12-29 07:02am
2018 rotor havana s excellent condition Sebastian
2700 with brand new Lara gold 175, 2200 without
Mint condition hardly used harness.
Shoulder straps are at almost tightest setting and IM 5'9 170 lbs so it will fit a taller person easy
loaded harness!

for sale - equipment > harnesses 2019-12-28 04:31pm
wills wing Z5+ with quantum QS440 chute Larry Feringa
Z5 in very good condition with excellent condition QS440 chute. Z5 fits 5'8" to 6'2". 160-180lbs. chute never thrown. never wet.Asking $950usd or $500 for chute or $450 for Z5. email for pics. larry

for sale - equipment > helmets 2019-12-28 03:58pm
icaro full face helmet Larry Feringa
icaro black grid cut. excellent condition full face helmet with brown tint shield. size large (i am 23"and fits perfect.)you can buy inserts to fit slightly larger or smaller from icaro.Paid $325 new, your price, $ shipping. email for pics..larry

services - services > flying tours 2019-12-28 11:06am
Hang gliding tour to Belize David
Fly Gravity Sports is doing a hang gliding tour to Belize starting January 24th onwards. Will be doing mostly towing with our stationary winch on some huge fields.There are also many other activities including diving/snorkel and visiting ancient Pyramids to name a few on this adventure. INCLUDES: Airport pickup/drop off in Belize. Lodging for seven nights (double occupancy) does not include food. King posted hang gliders with our packages with winch tow training if required. Just $1095 US

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2019-12-27 05:19pm
WW Sport 2, literally like new Richard Nikoley
WW Sport 2, 155. While it's a few years old, it only has a few hours flight time. Sail still crispy. It has been stored inside always. Even the bag looks like it just came out of the factory.
It's located in Placerville, CA currently. I'm looking for $2,000 given its pristine condition. Pick up, or arrange shipping at buyer cost. Perhaps Pat at Mission Soaring can help. Pics at the link. Also selling my black, High Energy harness with reserve. Good for 5'10-ish, 175-195 lbs.—hang-gliding.html

wanted - equipment > oxygen systems 2019-12-23 07:36pm
Wanted - O2 system Rich
I'm looking for an O2 system. Do you have one collecting dust that you would be willing to sell?

for sale - equipment > parachutes 2019-12-22 04:48pm
Lara Gold 250 Emergency Parachute $750 Eric Proulx
Lara " Gold" 250 HG Emergency Parachute. Used. Never deployed but meticulously repacked indoors. Perfect condition. This one was for my powered harness that I recently sold.

for sale - wings > hang gliders > flex wing 2019-12-21 10:46am
t2c for sale Vince
T2C 144 for sale in NC. 6 years old, sail still looks good and still fly’s great. Colors white Mylar top and leading edge, red and black undersurface. Price $2,750.00 OBO
Contact (email link above)-322-4982

for sale - wings > hang gliders 2019-12-17 06:33pm
moyes sonic 165 Michael
For sale is a Moyes Sonic 165 intermediate hang glider In great condition. No damages, no repairs.
Along price - $799.

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