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The USA On-line Contest (Segelflugszene)

GOAL. The goal of the 'US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Online Contest' (HOLC) is to encourage cross country flying by the timely scoring of cross-country flights, free from the burden of preflight declarations, to allow an easy and up-to-date comparison of cross country flights. The proposed rules are here.

1. Registration. There is no registration or participation fee.  Register here. Click "Registration" on right side of the drop down menu bar. If you were registered before, click "Contest Registration Update." If you are new to the HOLC, click "Contest Registration," in the drop down menu item. Fill out the forms.

2. Login. You can ease things a bit by logging onto the HOLC before you make a flight claim. You do this after you register the first time or after you update your registration. When you registered you entered a username and password. When here enter your username and password in the fields located on the left under "MyOLC login." Then click the "OK" button just to the right of the password field. Now you are logged in.

3. Creating a track log (IGC file). You'll want to fly with a 3D GPS that can store a tracklog. This tracklog needs to be downloaded to your computer using software and a cable to create an IGC-formatted file on your computer. 

You can use GPSDump ( or SeeYou ( to create IGC files on your computer which you can then upload to the HOLC web site. You can perhaps find more software here. (See below for more information on these programs.)

4. Evaluation and scoring points. The software on the HOLC server will check and optimize your flight for you from your uploaded IGC file.

5. Uploading flights. Flight claims will be accepted here. Or go here, click "Claim Flight" in the drop down menus, then click "Direct Claim (IGC-file)."

6. Contest period for 2016. October 10th, 2015 to October 8th, 2016.

7. The US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Online Contest Champions for 2016 will be the three participants who score the highest number of points with six flights in paragliders (Class 3), flex wings (Class 1), and rigid wings (Class 5).

8. All of your flights used in the US portion of the Online contest must have started within the US.

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