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Volume 15, Number 128
Thursday, Jun 30 2011
Austin, Texas, USA
"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

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Wed, Jun 29 2011, 2:39:30 pm CDT

Sailplane racing in Hobbs, New Mexico 32.687643,-103.217583,Hobbs,+NM(Hobbs, NM)

Ron GleasonRon Gleason sends:

The URL's for the various tracking sites:

Google Maps: http://www.hawketracking.org/hobbs/files/tracking.htm

Google Maps Large: http://www.hawketracking.org/hobbs/files/trackinglarge.htm

Mobile: http://www.hawketracking.org/hobbs/files/mobile.htm

Results at: http://ssa.org/members/contestreports/contestresultsdetail.asp?id=2167&display=results

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Wed, Jun 29 2011, 2:39:49 pm CDT

By Laragne

Jacques Bott <<jacques.bott>> writes:

When?  From July the 15th till August the 6th

Where?  Serres (Klaus Ohlmann's airfield) in the southern French Alps:


For who?  Any Class 2 or 5 XC experienced pilot

For what kind of flights?  Let's have a look at my last sessions' flights:


At what cost?  15 to 20 per aerotow pending of number of pilots, 31,50 per flying day for airfield use

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to Table of Contentsto next topic Flapping came before flying

Wed, Jun 29 2011, 2:40:08 pm CDT

Helps little dinosaurs run away


Thanks to Lorenzo

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to Table of Contentsto next topic The World Record Encampment - Wednesday

(This topic is in: Jun.30 Jun.29 Jun.28 Jun.27 --> )

Wed, Jun 29 2011, 3:29:23 pm CDT

Light winds, lots of cu's 26+58+4.28+N,99+14+47.54+W,Zapata,+Texas,+USA(Zapata, Texas, USA)

This is what it looked like yesterday at 5 PM from the air:

Today the sky is a bit more congested with cu's:

BJ is out trying to fly a fast 100 km triangle.  Gary and Robin HamiltonRobin Hamilton should be out there also.

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to Table of Contentsto next topic The future of oil drilling in America

Wed, Jun 29 2011, 3:34:01 pm CDT

1.5 trillion barrels of oil 28++15.266+N,99++35.953+W,Harrison+Piloncillo+Ranch+ Airport(Harrison Piloncillo Ranch Airport)

The estimate above came from here.  But, I'm more interested in what is happening here in Texas, and in particular with the lands over which we fly.  North of Laredo and up to south of the hill country you'll find the Eagle Ford Shale.  One estimate is that within a decade there will be an additional 30,000 oil/gas wells there between Laredo and San Antonio.

More here: http://eaglefordshaleblog.com/ and http://oilshalegas.com/eaglefordshale.html.  Because of the location of a recent landing by one of our hang glider pilots we are particularly interested in this portion of the country to the north here.  See more maps here.

Oil shade was a joke in Colorado in the seventies (think Dinosaur, Colorado in the nineties).  Now it is no joke in Texas.  Mineral rights purchased at $10,000/acre plus.

Oil shade extraction is economic at $90/barrel.  We've lived with natural gas extraction here in Zapata County for the whole time that we've flown from Zapata.  Of course, it is often the roads that go toward wells that have allowed us a way out after an outlanding.

Five times the amount of oil resources in the US than are found in Saudi Arabia?  If true that would certainly make us a little less interested in Middle Eastern and North African adventures.

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