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Volume 13, Number 37
Friday, Feb 20 2009
"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

to Table of Contentsto next topic The Bid for the 2009 Worlds at Forbes

Thu, Feb 19 2009, 7:54:38 am PST

Why not go to the spot with the best flying? 33+21+44.60+S,147+55+46.60+E,Forbes+airfield,+Australia(Forbes airfield, Australia)

The Forbes Proposal for the 2009 Worlds (check this out).

Vicki Cain and Jonny DurandJonny Durand Jr.  are in Europe ready to argue their case for Forbes as the site of the 2011 Worlds at the the CIVL Plenary meeting at Hall, Austria.  Vicki has made a concerted effort to get the Worlds for Forbes and bringing Jonny along is part of that effort.

The brochure above is quite elaborate and does a good job of presenting the Forbes story.

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to Table of Contentsto next topic Could we use some tails?

Thu, Feb 19 2009, 8:18:35 am PST

To keep us from tucking and tumbling. 30+40+44.88+S,150+36+31.33+E,Mt.++Borah,+Manilla,+Australia(Mt. Borah, Manilla, Australia)

It wasn't too long ago that rigid wing gliders came without tails.  Then someone who had a big megaphone tucked and tumbled.  Rigid wing sales fell off a cliff and soon there was a tail available (and as part of standard equipment) for ATOS gliders.

Recently, a flex wing glider tucked and tumbled under very similar circumstances to the tailless ATOS tuck.  Flying straight and then instantly the nose goes down and the glider tucks.  No warning.  And he wasn't the only one to tuck over the last couple of years (OlegOleg, for example).

All of us who fly tailless gliders are aware of the fact that they could tuck and tumble at any minute.  This is always there perhaps not in the forefront of your mind, but there buzzing around in the gray matter and making things a bit more uncomfortable for the pilot.

Wouldn't it be great if we could really damp down that little thought/emotion by making it much more difficult to tuck a flex wing glider?  Maybe if you knew (rationally) and felt (emotionally) that your ship would pretty much remain upright under almost any circumstance, you'd have just that much more mental space to devote to flying as opposed to making sure that you didn't meet with a perilous fate.

Tails have been tried on flex wing glider, of course, but have fallen out of favor (unlike on rigid wings) because they are expensive, require additional packing, are easily breakable, and make for difficult full flare landings.  Tails placed on existing keel are also ineffective as they don't have much of a moment arm on our short keels.  To actually use tails we would need to add a keel extension, which would make them even harder to land with a full flare (but they seem to be able to do it with rigid wing gliders).

So we have a trade off.  We accept the chance that we will tuck and trade it off against the inconvenience and cost of the tail.  This tradeoff happened the other way with rigid wing gliders, but history and style has determined that it is not that way with us.

Still, it would be nice if we didn't have to wonder and worry when in turbulence whether we were going to go over or not.  Perhaps some designer could make this a feature of his gliders and see if they sell well against the competition.  Of course if wishes were elephants this RV park would be a zoo.

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to Table of Contentsto next topic Flying from Eliminator to Lake Casitas

Thu, Feb 19 2009, 8:18:56 am PST

Fully narrated videos 34+28+52.27+N,119+41+6.31+W,Eliminator+launch,+Santa+Barbara,+CA,+USA(Eliminator launch, Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

Jonathan Dietch writes:

To my knowledge there are no thoroughly narrated cross country flight videos available for free download anywhere.  And so I have been honing my craft in order to make the kind of video I want to see myself.  This was my second true cross country flight ever, and although not particularly long at 19.5 miles, it was never boring, even on final glide to the bailout LZ.  In one hour and 23 minutes there was enough action to still have 30 minutes of interest to the uninitiated cross country pilot and perhaps to others as well.  If nothing else, the scenery and sky were beautiful in Santa Barbara on Valentine's day.


In three parts:




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to Table of Contentsto next topic Seeing your flight in Google Earth

Thu, Feb 19 2009, 8:19:19 am PST

See the flight above 34+28+52.27+N,119+41+6.31+W,Eliminator+launch,+Santa+Barbara,+CA,+USA(Eliminator launch, Santa Barbara, CA, USA)

Jonathan Dietch writes:

I have used IGC Flight Replay to replay my recent flight and was amazed at the quality of the recreation of the flight.

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to Table of Contentsto next topic The Flytec Race and Rally - ten slots left

(This topic is in: Feb.20 Feb.19 Feb.18 Feb.16 --> )

Thu, Feb 19 2009, 8:20:09 am PST

It's almost full 26+45+47.46+N,81+13+58.92+W,Florida+Ridge,+Florida,+USA(Florida Ridge, Florida, USA)




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to Table of Contentsto next topic The 1st Annual Rob KellsRob Kells Memorial Competition

Thu, Feb 19 2009, 8:22:02 am PST

Just before the Flytec Race and Rally 26+45+47.46+N,81+13+58.92+W,Florida+Ridge,+Florida,+USA(Florida Ridge, Florida, USA)


If you're going to the Flytec Race and Rally and you have some extra time free (lose your job?) you might as well come to the flight park where it starts and have a great time at the early USHPA and CIVL sanctioned meet.

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