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Sat, May 29 2010, 11:03:10 pm CDT

Texas Single Surface Shootout - 6th day

Texas Single Surface Shootout - 6th day

Lots of cu's but very light lift 29.728458,-97.661076,Carter+Memorial+Airfield,+Luling,+Texas(Carter Memorial Airfield, Luling, Texas)

It looked from the forecast that it would be another day like Friday with a higher cloud base, maybe up to 8,000', very light winds, 97 degrees on the ground, and plenty of lift.  As this was the last day of the meet the task committee decided to call a double out and return task of twenty six miles, with the first turnpoint out to the northeast, then back to the airfield, then another turnpoint out to the west northwest, and then back to the airfield.  No one would be too far away.

The cu's started late like they had the day before with high bases.  We again waited until 2 PM to open the launch window.

I was first in line again as others were not rushing to get going.  The wind was light out of the south.  I was hauled up by Rodger in the more powerful tug this time to the field to the north and I pinned off at 1,900' AGL in good lift.  The lift averaged over 300 fpm and I climbed out quickly to 5,800'.  It looked like it would be another strong lift day.

My plan was to wait around up at cloud base for everyone else to get going and see who I would fly with.  I was hoping for Joe and Ben to help out with the day.  I was trying to move them up to second and third place.  That was our goal for the day.  I was so far ahead that I would really have to fall down hard to drop out of first place.

Joe got let off below me and was climbing well but his radio wasn't letting him transmit.  Ben pulled the pin at 800' AGL under me but the lift wasn't there and he had to go back and get in at the end of the launch line.  He would be the last person to launch.

Planes kept flying into the airfield which disrupted the launching a bit, although we were off to the side of the runway.  I was waiting for Ben and couldn't see Joe any more.  I would find maybe 40 fpm, maybe 80 fpm under the nearby cu's over the airfield, just to keep me near cloud base, but no one else was getting up at all.  Only Kent was beginning to get up as I watched Chris not climb up and everyone else was low.

Finally around 3 PM, after an hour of hanging around at cloudbase Kent finally made it up to my level.  No one else was nearby, Ben finally got his second tow up.  Kent headed out toward the first turnpoint so I decided to go with him as there was no one else around.  I would have much rather gone with Joe and Ben.

We headed out at 5,400' and two miles out Kent found some light lift under a cu.  The lift was less than 100 fpm and we got back up to 4,400'.  Kent headed toward the turnpoint and got lower but I saw a nice cu to the southeast and decided to give that a try just to be safe.  I found 74 fpm under it on average and only got back to 4,200'.  I then saw Kent turning just before the turnpoint and going up fast.  I raced toward him and the turnpoint.

It was only a mile and a half to the turnpoint but I was down to 2,000' AGL when I got the turnpoint and then went under Kent.  The lift averaged 140 fpm but I was only able to get back to 3,600' before I lost it as it broke up.  There were little bits of forming cu's down the course line and I was drifting further and further to the north away from Carter in the five mph southwesterly wind.

I headed for the haze dome looking cu's but didn't find any lift and landed a third of the way back to the airfield.  Kent had gotten up well and was working in the general area that I had flown to, but I didn't see him.

Ben was on the radio and near me.  I saw him, Joe, Chris and another pilots off a few miles to the northeast low but turning.  Joe and Ben got up but Chris and the other pilot did not.  Ben told me that Chris, who was in second place, had landed, having gone a shorter distance than I.  It was obvious that the day was difficult.

Ben and Joe got up a bit and flew south coming to right over the field that I was breaking down in.  Joe and Ben circling up over that field four or five times each time being blown back to the northeast as they climbed up.  They were over that field for half an hour.

Finally they both got to 4,500' and headed southwest and were able to climb in the next thermal to 5,600'.  They then went on glide getting the airfield turnpoint and then gliding for a total of eight miles without finding any more lift.  They made it two thirds of the way to the next turnpoint.  Joe was able to win the day by a tenth of a mile over Ben, so that five different pilots were able to be day winners.  Kent made it back to the airfield and a little beyond.

Given the difficulty of the day and they fact they no one made it very far, even with our low GAP parameters ( 40 km), the day was devalued to a little less than 400 points.  Still there were enough points to allow Ben who was fifty points behind Chris in second place and Joe who was a hundred, to move up one spot each.

# Pts Pilot Glider Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4
Task 5
1 3018 Davis Straub North Wing Freedom 170 2 (316) 2 (877) 3 (704) 1 (899) 4 (222)
2 2551 Ben Dunn North Wing Freedom 170 1 (336) 7 (339) 2 (704) 2 (784) 2 (388)
3 2517 Joe Evens Northwing Freedom 170 2 (316) 4 (827) 6 (375) 3 (610) 1 (390)
4 2442 Chris Zimmerman Wills Wing Falcon 3 4 (266) 1 (900) 4 (568) 4 (506) 5 (202)
5 2398 Kent Robinson Wills Wing Falcon 195 8 (95) 3 (846) 1 (734) 6 (413) 3 (310)
6 1193 Dan Bereczki Aeros Target 19 8 (95) 9 (257) 7 (273) 5 (445) 7 (123)
7 1031 Jeff Hunt WIlls Wing Falcon 2 170 7 (159) 5 (417) 5 (456) 12 (0) 11 (0)
8 698 Gregg Ludwig Wills Wing Falcon3 195 5 (190) 11 (144) 8 (189) 8 (176) 11 (0)
9 688 Michael Howard Moyes Malibu 188 8 (95) 6 (359) 9 (131) 12 (0) 8 (102)
10 657 Zack Castille Wills Wing Falcon 3 170 13 (0) 10 (190) 9 (131) 9 (140) 6 (195)
11 599 Danny Jones Wills Wing Falcon 8 (95) 12 (92) 9 (131) 7 (179) 8 (102)
12 581 Chris Chaney Wills Wing Falcon 135 6 (164) 8 (287) 9 (131) 12 (0) 11 (0)
13 561 Mark Moore, III Wills Wing Falcon 195 8 (95) 12 (92) 9 (131) 9 (140) 8 (102)
14 232 Mike Aieli Wills Wing Falcon 3 170 13 (0) 12 (92) 14 (0) 9 (140) 11 (0)
15 0 Richard Waters Moyes Ventura 190 13 (0) 15 (0) 14 (0) 12 (0) 11 (0)
15 0 Charles Schneider Wills Wing Falcon 195 13 (0) 15 (0) 14 (0) 12 (0) 11 (0)
15 0 Mel Glantz North Wing Freedom 170 13 (0) 15 (0) 14 (0) 12 (0) 11 (0)

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