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In the latest issue: (18.207, Wednesday, October 22, 2014)

  • +1000km Atacama Crossing

    1000km Atacama Crossing

    Tue, Oct 21 2014, 8:35:23 am MST

    1000km Atacama Crossing

    Moving north through a dry desert -27.574938,-70.073547,Chile(Chile)

    François Ragolski and Martin Schricke are about to embark on an extreme hike-and-fly mission, to make the 1,000km crossing of the driest desert on earth, the Atacama in Chile.

    Starting in Copiapó the pair will be making their way through remote deserts and steep coastal cliffs with few landing options, all the way to Arica in the extreme North of Chile.

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  • +Spill over from Michoacán

    Spill over from Michoacán

    Tue, Oct 21 2014, 8:38:45 am MST

    Spill over from Michoacán

    The authorities freed the kidnapped people in Valle de Bravo 19.061307,-100.086393,Valle+de+Bravo,+Mexico(Valle de Bravo, Mexico)

    As you surely now, recently there have been circulating some news regarding kidnapping and serious insecurity problem in Valle de Bravo.  Yes, we had a problem with kidnapping in Valle de Bravo last month, but now, the Federal Police together with the Mexican army and Mexican marines got into Valle with more than 1000 elements right after the events took place.

    Law forces already caught more than 10 criminals including head culprits and freed safely the kidnapped people and will monitoring the area for the following months or until necessary.

    The Mexican bureau of intelligence explain that this situation is a consequence of a very big military intervention in the neighbour state at Michoacán over the last months where this kind of violence was pretty bad, so the result were that some criminals ran out into the State of Mexico (where Valle de Bravo is located)

    Valle de Bravo is a preferred holiday weekend destination for several of the most important businessman and Mexican leaders, so authorities reacted rapidly and efficiently in controlling this situation.

    The unfortunate violence is in control and the State of México Government can guarantee right now that foreigners and national tourism can travel safely in Valle de Bravo.

    The next FAI XX World Hang Gliding Championship as well as the Paragliding Championship are the most important sporting and tourist events in the State of Mexico so the Governor gave instruction to provide all necessary support to make a safe and fun competition as always has been… Now we are confident and feel again very safe when we are in Valle.

    (The above text was created using optical character recognition on the scan of the printed page contained in the linked PDF, and compared to the original manually, maintained as in the original written by "Ing. Jose Pena Buenrostro, FEMEDA (NAC Mexico) President".)

    Discuss "Spill over from Michoacán" at the Oz Report forum   link»

  • +Bids? Got any bids?

    Bids?  Got any bids?

    Tue, Oct 21 2014, 8:39:01 am MST

    Bids?  Got any bids?

    Deadline extended

    CIVL Bureau decided to extend the deadline to submit bids for Category 1 competitions in 2017.  The deadline is now the same as the deadline for Plenary Proposals, which is 60 days before the Plenary in Belgrad, Serbia, which is mid December.

    Discuss "Bids?  Got any bids?" at the Oz Report forum   link»

  • +Facebook Event pages

    Facebook Event pages

    Tue, Oct 21 2014, 8:39:18 am MST

    Facebook Event pages

    For the 2015 Big Spring Nationals and the Quest Air Open National Championships N28+31.982+,W081+50.800+,Quest+Air,+Groveland,+Florida,+USA(Quest Air, Groveland, Florida, USA)

    Discuss "Facebook Event pages" at the Oz Report forum   link»

  • +New CIVL President needed

    New CIVL President needed

    Tue, Oct 21 2014, 8:39:36 am MST

    New CIVL President needed

    Agust Gudmundsonn being kicked upstairs

    At the FAI General Conference in Pattaya, Thailand, this weekend a new FAI Executive Board was elected.  The fact I was elected as FAI Executive Board member is the reason for this message to you.

    Being a FAI Executive Board member does not allow a position in Airsport commissions.  There is a transition period for all of us until the next Plenary meeting of our commissions.  This means I will step down as CIVL President at the next Plenary in Belgrade.

    At the next Plenary CIVL will vote for new President and Bureau for a two years term.  Please consider if you are a good candidate for either President or Bureau and willing to contribute to our sport.  Also think about possible other candidates from the delegates list for either positions and see if they are willing to contribute.

    Discuss "New CIVL President needed" at the Oz Report forum   link»

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